If you remember, Super Junior was chosen by the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to be this year’s ambassadors for Korean food or Hansik. Here are the videos posted on their official Youtube account.
These all have english subs.
Super Junior confesses their love for bibimbap! Lee Teuk, Shin Dong, Hee Chul, and Ye Sung show their favorite versions of delicious looking bibimbap.

Super Junior members express their excitement about becoming an honorary ambassador of Korean food promotion

Super Junior loves Korean food! Eun Hyuk’s favorite Korean food is Japchae, Korean stir fried noodle dish. Check out why he chose of healthy and delicious Japchae.

Super Junior loves Korean food! Shin Dong’s favorite Korean food is Osam bulgogi, Korean pork with squids marinated in a spicy sauce. Check out his choice of healthy and delicious Korean food.

Super Junior loves Korean food! Si Won’s favorite Korean food is Pajeon, scallion Korean pancake. Check out his choice of healthy and delicious Korean food.

Source: TheTasteofKorea
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  • First Looking Nasty ~
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  • Then he hit someone ???
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  • It’s LEE DONGHAE !
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  • Lee Donghae : What are you doing ?
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  • Here comes SIWON ~ hahahaha :pp
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