Such a Complicated Life Chapter 3

HyukJae's POV

There are many times which we feel that we are at a dead end. We have either a secret or a person we don’t want to see. Sometimes can occur both of them. When the people are in a tense situation their mind goes blank. They can’t think straight or right. Such a misfortune ability the humans have. Incomplete creatures not perfect. That’s why when they make mistakes or they do something which they regret later they convince themselves that they are humans, and what is make a human? Their mistakes. If they don’t have bad, hateful, negative feelings, if they don’t feel weak, if they feel perfect then they are not humans but that which we call ''god''. Some people they can almost reach the perfection. Al most. But they can’t reach the full perfection. So, that’s the creatures that they are name humans.

However there are sometimes where the feelings of hate and sorrow are very full of the heart. Who is to blame for this? No kidding. When you hate someone because of your parents or your close one, it’s obvious that you didn’t choose to hate. The truth is the feelings we grow towards the others or something, sometimes they have to do with our environment. The people are born good. Basic factor for the formation and their character is the environment where they are grow up. And the funny thing is that the parents they have no idea about what they manage to do. Sometimes they can be too hursh. It’s wrong and painful for the child to not be recognized from his own parents but instead to give credits and persuade someone else’s child. This kid wants to shout “Hey! I’m here too.’’ He can try everything and be good for them and be good far from his own abilities in everything. But why at this parents it’s not something awesome, but the other child is always the best? Then the only sorrow can be built. ‘’I’ll prove that I am better! Wait and see! He’s going down! And then starts a war of hate. A war of hate he didn’t choose to fight, but it was inevitable because of his own parents, because of his own surroundings.

So, in conclusion here stands a man who try to prove not only to himself but to his parents andhis surroundings that he is better from the other. The surroundings the friends and others maybe they didn’t create these feelings but when you want to prove your value, you want to prove it to all. To your rivals and foreigners too. It’s a selfish feeling that grows.

Life seems so predictable. But there humans that can show that when they are a dead end they wil not give uo, but they willing to stand till the very end. That’s the spirit, that’s the source of the human’s development.

Like this I decided between my lost and panic session for being caught to through my last card for the night. Such a quick mind i am, don’t I?

It’s okay! It’s okay! Don’t panic! Don’t panic! He’s an idiot! He’s an idiot! He will believe anything you’ll say. Act normal. I am doom! I am doom! No you are not! I am…. Get a hold of yourself HyukJAe. Perfect I an in a critical situation and my inner self decided to interfere with my mind.
Due to my monologue in my own mind even though I look him in the eyes I don’t actually look at him. I am looking but I am not seeing. So, when I woke up from myself talking I came across with his fully surprised and wondered eyes.

You got him HyukJae. Not backing now.

-Hae….What a coincidence to see you here!

First you have to act cool and not like someone who is guilty (ένοχος) for being caught for something.

-Yes… He seems surprised and confused but I can see that he starts to understand that something suspicious happens here. ‘’It’s a weird coincidence because I can assume that you should be in your bed and dream at this moment’’.

What the hell! Is not the right time for him to be a sarcastic smartass.

-As you Know that’s was my plans. But I had an unexpected meeting.

Second you must tell it with a hint of anticipation for your next words. Moreover if you rush it and you see seem anxious anybody can understand that’s there is something wrong is going here.

I can see him raise his eyebrow. He fell for it. He is now more worry about my meeting. HyukJae you are a genius! But he is an idiot too so maybe you are not soooo genius. Hey! What’s wrong with me and I am suddenly questing myself about my geniusness? Let’s return to the start. Hyukjae you are a genius!

-It’s all Jusnu’s fault! I said and he looks really surprised of the name. It’s obvious because he didn’t meet him from middle school. As from he is my close friend and I meet him without him know it, if you ask me why it’s because the people who I want for them to be beside me I don’t want to have any contact with him. Now memories flash in front of my eyes and I can tell that even though we were bestfriends back there he wasn’t so much fond of about him. Maybe it is my imagination now because the years pasted and the memories are not so clear. ‘’Do you remember Junsu’’?

Third you use someone else as the main culprit and you seem as innocent as a baby and the victim of the story.

-I think I remember him if he is the same from middle school. I nodded to reassure him that he’s correct. But what really caught me is the SAME word. He was not just someone. We hang out together every minute. ‘’So, what about him?’’ If this wasn’t cold I don’t how I can name it.

-You see I was waiting for a taxi after you left but not so long a car stopped in front of my feet and when the window of the car has been lowered down a smiley Junsu appeared. I was nearly socked I had to see him from middle school the last day before he moved to Incheon. I was really happy to meet him again and before I knew it I was in his car and you can’t imagine where he was going!

He didn’t say anything a sign for me to continue.

He and Jaejoong are reporters and they selected to cover the accident which happened today. However Yunho and the others were waiting for them to this club but they couldn’t reach them so he drop me here to inform them. I couldn’t be rude and leave immediately after I met for so long that’s why I stayed for a while and now here I am to call a taxi because the music here is not so loud.

And that’s the end of the story. Hope to not lack somewhere for his idiotic mind to understand as well.

-And you didn’t tell to this Junsu that you had a difficult day and you wanted to rest?

Crap! His right! It will be strange if I tell that I actually forgot it. How do you forget a pain? Sorry Junsu I must tell this even if you seem a bad guy.

-I told him! Of course I told him! But he didn’t listen to me and he just told me that it wouldn’t take long so he dropped me here and he left.

-So he met you suddenly after so many years and he had the guts to make you take care of his business like you have contact almost everyday? What guy is he to do something like that?

-What can I say! People change!

I am so sorry Junsu!

-Anyway is not my business what is he doing! You mum calls me to find you and bring you home.

Mum? I wondered. Don’t tell me that my mum was going to ruin everything with just her appearance. You can’t hide from anybody in this city.

-She learned about you accident this morning and she made a visit – yes at this hour- don’t give me this unbelievable look. This hour she chose to visit but you weren’t there as you can see. In the end she called me to see if you are with me but you weren’t so she told me to found you and here you are.

Unbelievable! This is the only thing I can say! I was going to be caught because of this silly woman.

-Come on I’ll send you home! He said and I followed him out of the bathroom without any word. I am not and in such a fortunate position. He seems to believe me though. Why not? He never caught me to tell him lies. But I can see that he is not in such a pleasant mood. Maybe my mum disturbed him. Is that so? My evil smirk thankfully couldn’t be shown in the dark club. Way to go mum. You should annoy him more.


My mum hung me so thight from the neck. I could feel my blood stop to rush in that veins.
-I thought that they kidnapped you! But this knight in his shiny white armor came and rescue you.
What an over dramatic voice. Yes you guess it right is Donghae what is she talking about. If it is possible! That man isn’t capable for anything. And what sniny white armor. Are you kidding me? I have to say two or three words with this mother.
-Mum I am not a baby I am a man already! Why will people kidnapped me?
-Sweetheart you are a man but a very petite man, with a slim and a little femine body. It’ s too easy to kidnapped you.


There before understand it a hand placed in my mouth and a strong arm grabbed me from my waist and pull me into the house.
The lights have been switched on by my mum and I can clearly say that this bastard hold me. Is it not my day or something? I didn’t have the chance to fight to get free showing my tough side because he let go of me and he turned me to face me and you know what? He lectured me! Do you believe it? That idiotic bastard lectured me.

I don’t know what to think about the world anymore.

-Are you crazy or something? Do you know what time is it and you scream at the hall? What do you want to, to wake up all the building? Aish you are so hot tempered it’s troublesome you know.

-What the hell! Mind your own business! Who gave you the right to touch me huh?
-I am telling you to be quiet and you are screaming to me again? You have to learn some manners first before you face the world again!
-Say again? WHAT THE….
-You guys will stop the fight, will you? Donghae is right! You were ready to wake up all the building.
Don’t get me wrong! I never thought that she will take my side! No! That mum of mine always favorism that idiot over me,. Don’t make me admit that I have a femine figure, damdit. I am a man.
-You didn’t call him girly not now not never. That’s why he is so calm. I get bored of this. I don’t look GIRLY.
-Okay! Okay! You understood you. Don’t take it this seriously. It’s time to go to bed now. It’s past five. Hae will you sleep here, right?
-No! There is no…..
-Okay! I will sleep in the guest’s room and you can sleep with Hyuk!
-WHAT? Really now this isn’t my day! This is not my freaking day! Are you serious? Can’t you see that I am mad about him now? How can you….?
-Cut this! Go to sleep now before I get mad myself!

And so my most hateful person is lyuing so calm beside me! Again!

One look of mine to my side it was enough to make my anger boil. Really now, why is he always so calm? Here he is, right beside me and he is already asleep with the most calm face I have ever seen in my life. The truth is this is not my first time seeing his sleepless face. We are sleeping in the same bed since kindgarden. I am so glad that the day where I will not see his face again drows near. This bastard irritates me so much. I am not so hot-tempered as they say. They just compare me with this extremely calm person that’s why I always seem so fired up in their eyes. Well done HyukJAe! You just found the reason why they are keeps telling you that you are hot-tempered. With that satisfy smile on my lips I think I fell asleep.

Donghae’s POV

I think I heard footsteps enter the room. I feel too sleepy and my head hurts a little to open my eyes. I feel a presence near me though. Or two? Why in my room there are other people? Oh Wait! I slept with the chick from last night? Wait! I slept with two? Hae-ah you are the hottest man! But why I have a loud annoying voice ringing in my head? That irritating voice must belong to Hyukjae!........ HyukJae………HyukJae………holy Dammit I didn’t enjoy my night with a hot chick but I brought the annoying brat home and Ms Lee forced me to sleep here. Dammit! When I was younger I understood one thing : Never to go against Ms Lee.

If I remember correctly that classmate of ours in our middle school years appeared suddenly and he draged the brat with him. Only myself find it strange? Of course I remember him. I remember how much I disliked him. He was so atouched to HyukJae. But I didn’t want anybody close to him except me, because I wanted HyukJae to have all his attention to me. Only in this way I could hurt him like I wanted. However, that Junsu had to appear and ruined my plans with his presence. When he moved to Incheon at the end of middle school I was so happy. However, then we entered the company and I decided to destroyed him through the company field. Something that I couldn’t accomplish yet.

If you ask me why I can only tell that I just wanted my parents to have a little attention to me. But no. That brat is always better whatever I do. Their role model for me. I want to show them that he can’t guide a company when I manage to bankrupt him. Then they can’t tell me that he is better because he will seems that he can’t guide a company while I can. Then, I will never see him again, because they will bankrupt and we will not be in the same social recognition.
That how business world runs. If you have not the same amounr of power and money, we will not know you. Actually I feel pity for Mr and Ms Lee because I like them.
Besides this, I don’t actually like him. It’s natural. Each person like or dislike some other people because of thei him to me.but I can’t let my hatred for that child to pass.Each person has he’s own character. Some people match it’s other some other not. As for me, I didn’t choose him as my friend, my parents forced

Inside Ms Lee Mind

What am I supposed to do?
Every morning the same picture. These guys why can’t they wake up n the spot of the bed where they fall asleep? It is so difficult? Why when they sleep together they end up so close together, with their lips 2cm away?
It doesn’t matter to me, because I know how close friends they are since they were born, but I have to be conscious to wake up before them just to separate them, because I don’t want for them to freak out, if they find out. Especially my son. You can’t imagine how loud he can be.
I was about to get near the bed when my son’sre scam echoed, I am sure of it, in all the apartment building.

Continue of Donghae’s POV

It’s ridiculus. The moment I decided to continue to sleep because I want to rest even a little the most loud scream I ever experienced was heard.
My eyes shoted open immediately and the last second I saw a face, not exactly, but the most pretty red lips I ever came across, soooo close to me and the at the same second I saw those delicious lips to get away from me.
I stayed totally froze in my position and the last thing I saw was the red-haired brat to fell from the bed and then everything went silent inside the room.

-S…sweet…heart…! It was Ms Lee who spoke first. ‘’Are you okay?’’

Everything happened so fast.

HyukJAe didn’t answer. I don’t know how he is! As I’m seeing Ms Lee to bend down to ckeck for his injuries I came back from the shock and I got up from the bed. I didn’t have the time to get near them, because a furious HyukJae rose up suddenly and with a murderous glare and red, why his ckeeks are red? He spotted me and in seconds he grabbed me from the collar of his pijamas that I am wearing.

-What did you do? He said while he is shaking me furiously. ‘’What are you trying to do’’?

-Are you crazy? I grabbed his hands and he is looking to me with more furious eyes. I didn’t do anything! Why is he like this?

-What are your intentions?

Huh?What is he talking about?

-I don’t like guys for your information! I can’t accomplish your desires…..

-Wait!Wait!Wait! What the hell! Seriously now. Who said that that I like guys? Give your crazy mind a break.

A faint laugh is starting to get louder. Both of us stopped glaring at each other and we looked at the source of the laugher. Simply to say Ms Lee (the brat’s mother) is ready to fall down from the laugh, while she holds her tummy. That’s really something. Can’t she tell that her son with the guy who supposed to be his childhood friend are arguing for a ridiculous reason?

-Mum! What’s so funny?
I want to agree with him, so much.
-Hyukkie! You are really something with this crazy mind of yours. Nobody can predict what it will think about.
I want to agree with her, so much.
-Really now mum, you were here. You didn’t see that he was so close to me? I got a heart attack when I woke up. So close with a man. It’s disgusting. Why were you so close to me? He suddenly turned his head to me. Come on now. Why it is my fault. I was ready to start the arguing but Ms Lee forestalled me. (mεπρόλαβε).
-You guys. You always end up like this when you are sleep in the same bed.
Our expressions must be too shocked to be described by the author, so I’ll pass.
-Mum, as you can see we are not laughing! The brat spoke first. «Υour jokes are not funny at all».I can see his eyes to turn black. Ok now! He is so disgust? I don’t like it either, but I don’t feel like murdering everyone here. I can’t say the same for him though.
Inside Ms Lee’s Mind
I guess is not the right time to tell them that many times when I say many, I mean many times their lips have been touched until I come to separate them. Suddenly, I feel so lucky today.
Continue Again of Donghae’s POV
Seriously! Why Ms. Lee keeps cut me continuously? I don’t even know what she says. She must find her own POV. (For God’s Sake).
Anyway, what Ms. Lee said it’s true? So why……
-Why we never experienced this before then?
-Because me and your mother Hae always wake up before you two, so you will not freak out, like today. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it for seconds.
-I‘ll NEVER sleep with HIM AGAIN! A totally red, I don’t know why, and furious HyukJae stormed out of the bedroom.
As I can understand, he doesn’t want to discuss farther about it. Well, it’s a little awkward. It’s really something that we end up like this. I looked at Ms. Lee’s direction. His mum is looking at me too, with a so “what can I do’’ stare (βλέμμα). Regarding that red-haired brat being so sensitive about that matter is something I didn’t know this moment.
So, apparently the continuation is something that I couldn’t predict. I was walking towards the bathroom; I haven’t even washed my face because the red-haired childhood friend of mine occupied the bathroom immediately since the previous little commotion. I
I knew that HyukJae was talking a shower, but I assumed that he had finished by that time. I want to add here that the bedroom’s door was closed, so I thought that he was dressing.
But no, the time which my hand was almost ready to grab the knob (door handle), the bathroom’s door, surprisingly (to my surprise), swung open and a milky body, ready to take place in a top fashion magazine with incredible abs, and drops of water flowing along to this body, with a fabulous strawberry scent, was exposed right in front of my eyes. Did I mention that only a towel was wrapped around his waist ready to fall at any time?
My eyes with difficulty, because they were refused to leave this wonderful sight, travelled to his face, which was extremely red, watery and shocked. His red wet hair emphasized more his already red from anger and embarrassment face.
In seconds, he pushed me very hard, I want to know where this strength came, I refuse to believe that it came from his slim hands, and I banged to the opposite wall behind me with a shriek, and before I could understand something else apart from the pain, I heard a really loud shout of a door. Obviously the bedroom’s door is the door that has been closed.
I think I can ask here. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HIM?
I rubbed my head’s back with a groan and I entered slightly dizzy in the bathroom.
-He must feel shy! Ms. Lee told me as she put a cup of coffee at the table in front of me and I muttered a “thank you”.
-Why this? I asked confused while Ms. Lee taking her seat in the table’s kitchen opposite of me. I didn’t feel comfortable either but I don’t act as a virgin noisy woman.
-You know how he is! He always acts with his own way, and we never know what he has in his mind. So, unfortunately, we can’t explain his behavior.
I signed. «He’s just exaggerating»!
-Actually, I think he’s really shy!
I looked Ms. Lee honest smile. I act so many years his friend, so I know and I can understand what Ms. Lee says. He’s cold and not funny at all, a tough guy, but as a character he’s really shy. He was like this from the very first day I met him. When we were almost two years old.
Speaking of the devil, the brat just made his appearance to the kitchen. He didn’t throw a glance at me. He slipped strawberry milk in a glass and he proceeds straight to the living room. I hope my annoyed glare could pierce his red head.
While I was cursing him furiously, I didn’t realize that Ms. Lee had started to clean some fishes in front of the granitic sink. How does he always manage to get the most of my attention? That brat .
The sudden sound of the running water successfully took my attention from HyukJae who is sitting so comfortably in the couch while he’s watching his favorite anime, one piece, and I saw Ms. Lee to wash a fish. With a sign I went near her and I started to help her. Ms. Lee smiled to me before she turned to her son.
-Sweetheart why don’t you come to help cooking here? DongHae is your guest!
-First, Wait! The great HyukJae answer a question although he’s watching his holy one piece? Miracles can happen. «He is your guest. I don’t remember invited him here. Second, I am too bored to help. Third, I never cook».
Ms. Lee shook her head. Her son is really too much. He has a sweet mom and he doesn’t appreciate it at all.
-Don’t worry Ms. Lee; I will eat from this food anyway. I am glad to help. And here goes my charming smile.
-What a sweet son you are! She smiled so motherly to me. My mother never smiled to me like that. I never did something that brought an acknowledging smile on her lips.
My train of thoughts interrupted again this time from a ringing bell. Someone came here for some reason but the only person who is free to open the door in HIS house doesn’t react at all. I clenched more hard the fish which I hold to clean, so some blood came out and painted red his sink. How much I wish this to be his blood. I can have this murderous feeling. Can I?
-Don’t you hear the door’s bell? The brat who is sitting in the living room’s coach obviously shouted to us.
Can I kill him now?
-Don’t you have foots to go and open your house’s door? I shouted back at him.
-I can’t miss any scene; it’s a very nice episode!
I can’t believe it, he doesn’t take his eyes from the television neither for a second. Come to think about it the episode the Saturday’s morning is in repeat. I face palm myself moments like this.
-Do you wait for someone anyway? I asked as I passed besides the living room to open the door.
-Not actually! (It)comes his answer with no interest.
When I opened the door I greeted with a handsome holy smily face, who belongs to a tall, well-built man.
-G…Good morning! I greeted a little stunned. I can understand that he didn’t waiting for me from his wondered eyes.
-Excuse me! Is HyukJae here? He asked me. Is he close to the brat and he ask for him with his first name only? I think I know all the people he knows. This face is not familiar at all.
-Yes! Here He is! Come in! I take a step to the side to make room for him to come in. When I closed the door, I turned and I saw him to wait for me. He has good manners, I can tell. I made him a sign to follow me and the next word I heard I never imagined that I’ll hear it from this unfamiliar person.
-Hyukieeee! Exactly! That’s the word he said! When we reached the living room and he saw the red-haired brat to laugh in the couch.
Hyukieeeeee????? I scream (confuse) in my mind.
-Oh! Siwonieee! The red creature told out loud with a shiny gummy smile I had to see since when we were seven years old. What the hell?
-What brings you here? That man successfully managed to take HyukJae’s attention his holy one piece.
-I came to bring you last investment’s profits in Taiwan’s industry/manufacture! You have to sign until tomorrow! We need a clarification at least this Tuesday.
-I see! Ok! Tomorrow they’ll be ready!
-Let me show you some details! The guy named Siwon opened his default and revealed various papers.
Then the single eyelid eyes of the red-haired brat looked at my direction.
-Why are you still here? That cold voice of him like I am a parasite here irritates me sooooo much.
-Will you not introduce me to your friend? I asked not so bright.
-Oh! How rude of me! Siwon stopped flipping pages and turned to me offering his hand. «I am Choi Siwon. Hyukiee’s personal secretary. Nice to meet you»!
How come never meeting him before? Putting some thought about it I never asked him or took an interest to get to know his employees. And why this pet name?
-I’m Lee DongHae! Hyuk’s childhood friend! I shook his hand with a light smile.
-The businessman! Siwon exclaimed. Well it’s natural to know about me. Me and hyukJae’s are the leading Asia’s companies. «Hyukie talk for you all the time»!
Can’t he stop calling him Hyukkie already?
-Well! Nice to meet you too. Do you want something to drink?
-No thank you! I’ll not stay for long.
-You can leave now! The brat spoke.