The night was silent. Nothing remained that it could witness that a heavy storm had been occurred, hours ago. The previous sea of clouds gave his position to a dark sea filled with shining stars and a moody moon. Someone could think that the moon is sad because the people have been tortured by his brothers, the clouds. A logic person can easily assume that it’s just foggy from the previous raining and the many clouds. When it’s raining hard the atmosphere is kind misty and foggy for some hours. What to do! In this word there are people who get stuck in logic and some others who run their fantasy uncontrollably. The life needs some fantasy too. It’s becoming more thrilling.

Hours like these, some people can enjoy the raining with their family reunion, some other can enjoy it with their friends gathering, or someone who is alone and watching TV or reading a book, or studying for a difficult exam can enjoy the rain too. Someone who is sleeping can relax with the rain too. However, because it’s happening exactly the opposite and it’s not raining usually these hours, people tend to think why it has to be raining really hard when they have jobs and things to do, so as a result they have a difficult time, and it’s not raining when it’s time to relax.

A black porsche stopped in front of the Lee Corporation’s huge building when the driver finished having the same thoughts. However, in his case nothing like the previous situations happened. He knows that it’s not worth the time, because time can not turn back , but he can’t help but to think what could have happened if he didn’t stuck in a traffic. He probably would have managed to meet the sponsors and he wouldn’t lose so much money. Really, the life can play a difficult and unpredictable game, sometimes. He sighed deeply at his newly misfortune as his lowered down the window and despite the cold weather that entered through the opening, he smiled to the red-haired man who glares at him obviously trembling from the cold weather (low temperature).

-Hi Hyuk! The driver said ignoring the murderous glare. He knows Hyukjae’s character. Such a cute face with nothing cute regarding his character.
Hyukjae just stood there glaring at him for awhile, but his freezing body has decided that it’s time to get into the car.

-why are you so late? Hyukjae said closing the door.

-I had some work to do! Donghae answered while he was starting driving to an Italian restaurant. ‘’I was late and the meeting failed, so I tried to make search for new arrangements.’’

-You were late? HyukJae exclaimed/wondered surprised. He even didn’t recognize himself that he’s surprised voice sounded so natural. Maybe I have a secret acting talent? He questioned himself in his mind. But he had to stop his mental dialog for now. «You…You…didn’t late because of me, … right?» He seemed so burdened from the fake realization that he was the cause of Donghae’s failed meeting.

Donghae is observing his friend’s worried and burden face really carefully. He could admit that kyuhyun’s suspicions got him thinking. They really bothered him. However, looking now Hyukjae’s face he couldn’t confirm his suspicions at all.
Why do you doubt him? You know him so many years! Get your mind straight! Because you pretend his friend that doesn’t mean he do the same!

-Don’t worry! I am not blaming you! I want to blame you! It’s not that you did it on purpose!
ITSYOUR FAULT! He screamed in his mind! WHY CAN”T YOU BE A LILLTLE CAREFULL, YOU BRAT? YOU ARE NOT A BABY! YOU ARE 2O YEARS OLD ALREADY! But he kept it in his mind. He never shows his upset side in front of him, after all.

-Th e sponsors that they came to me, are they the sponsors you missed? Hyukjae continued his brilliant act.

-I told you, it’s oka…..

-No, it’s not! I feel terrible! Why you didn’t tell me earlier?

Ahhhaaaahahahahhahhhahahahahahhahhahaha!! Burst out laughing in his mid. ‘That happens because you always underestimate me! You think that I am not capable and too weak of a character to make arrangements. Serves you right Idiot’!

-What could I say to you? ‘’Don’t make the deal, bring them back to me?’’You did your job Lee HyukJae! It’s not you and me! It’s a whole company’s earnings.

-Hyukjae? questioned in his mind. «You call me by my full name when you are angry. But I can’t see nothing angry neither your face nor your actions. You such a coward you aren’t show me your angry side/true feelings. I hate your always bright side, can’t you understand that? You are the idiot now HyukJae . How can he understand without telling him, or show him»?

-I don’t feel right!

-Don’t think about it, anymore! It’s done!

The restaurant they arrived is very lively despite the fact that it’s past midnight. The two young business men have been greeted by a waiter and he guided them to the table they chose. The HD television on the wall was shown a live new. The waiter gave them the catalog and he left saying that he come back later to receive the order.

-I want to eat an Italian spaghetti so much! HyukJae giggled turning the pages with full enthusiasm.

-I think our trip in Italy last month wasn’t a good idea if you keep addict in iatlian food, in Korea! Said Donghae.

-Mind your own business! HyukJae pout a little not bothering take is eyes away from the delicious catalog, with the delicious and sinful spaggetti or your weight. But for the latter it wasn’t a problem at all. He has an incredible and thin/slim body even though he eats the most.
Donghae smiled of the sight at a pouting Hyukjae without take notice of his own action. He knows very well that Hyukjae loves the Italian kitchen, especially the spaghetti. Actually anybody near him in Italy could understand it.20 minutes later he’s trying to convince Hyukjae that it isn’t so difficult the choice, telling him they can come another time to eat another spaggeti and because he’s starting to get really hungry he called the waiter and Hykjae didn’t has a chance except to order, so they order some really expensive spaggetti.
The redhead man satisfited with his choice while he was handing the catalog to the waiter, he’s eyes landed at the television which was shown a car wrapped in flames and firemen that tried to σβησουν the fire. He’s face like stone didn’t gone/pass unnoticed by the waiter. He looked behind him to see what lock his redhead customer attention.

- Happened an accident earlier! The waiter started to explain. «The victim is the famous Kim Jong Woon!
-Kim JongWoon? Wondered Donghae who has now is attention at television too. «I never heard this name before».
HyukJae shows with his expression that e doesn’t know him too.
-You don’t know Kim JongWoon? The waiter was really surprised. «He is the son of the third richest man in the earth. He has an unbelievable amount of stocks».
-Really? Donghae is thinking that it’s a weird matter. He is in the business world from the day he had born. How happened he doesn’t know a so powerful person? «The accident…
-Probably is a murder!
-Sounds logical! Agreed HyukJae. «Someone who will have a huge benefit from his death!»
-They didn’t found him, yet! They recognized the car’s location.
-He probably will be burnt when the fire σβήσει. ΗyukJae took his attention from the television .
-Thank you for your order! The waiter bowed then and he leaved front their table.
Donghae looked HyukJae’s serious and lost face. He didn’t know that an accident can affect him. Whatever, he decided to ask to find out.
- What’s wrong Hyuk?
The slim redhead looked him with so cloudy eyes. Donghae swear that it’s the first time that the man in front of him make him nervous.
-I have a bad feeling! HyukJae answered with a low voice looking straight in his eyes, as if with this way he will manage to transfer his sorrow feeling to him.
Oh! How right HyukJae’s feeling would be, nobody could predict that moment.

Why am I feeling a change coming right to me?

After two hours they are ready to leave. The television now is showing advertisements due to commotion at the crime scene. Probably the fire will have .he two business men go out from the restaurant and the extremely cold weather welcomed them.

-Well, Will you come with me to the club? Donghae asked as opening the driver’s door. Half an hour ago one of his friends invited him to come with them I a club. He eventually tell that he go when he finish his dinner, and like a GOOD friend he couldn’t invite HyukJae who was right in front of him, even though Donghae prayed for HyuKJae’s rejection.
-No! I want come! I’ll go home to rest my leg! I didn’t have the opportunity.

HOW LUCKY can I be? He is that boring person, after all. I didn’t know that his leg can be so useful in the end?

- A! Okay! YES// ! Do you want me to give you a lift? He asks then.
-It’s okay! Don’t waste your time here. I’ll take a taxi! Good Night!
Donghae complied immediately «Good Night! See ya»! And he drove away.

HyukJae followed with his eyes the black car until it was turned right and he lost the back of his car from his sight. He took the cell phone from his pocket and with so calm actions he dialed a number.

-Junsu! Where are you?
-Are you done? ASked the voice through the phone.
-Alright! Get in! said the voice and after this sounded corna beside him. HyukJae turned his head right and saw Junsu waved to him inside from his car. He smiled to the man and get inside to the car when he reached it.
-How are you? Junsu asked starting to drive.
-Brilliant! I managed to make that idiot loose his sponsors, they came successfully to me and I bragged for my achievement in front of him. How a nice sight to see his sad face.
-That’s why you invited him for diner?
-what else? To see his idiotic face? Why we are in such a hurry anyway? The red-haired man noticed the speed and a little nervous Junsu.
-Actually I am not coming to the club. HyukJae eyed him wondered at Junsu. «Jaejoong is already at the crime scene….you know about the accident which happened three hours ago. Hykjae nodded. «JaeJoong and I are the two reporters who chose to cover the new .Tell Yunho about it when you arrived. We can’t reach him. Maybe he doesn’t listen to him. Maybe he doesn’t listen to his cellphone because of the loud music».
-What a pity. HyukJae expressed his disappointment. However he couldn’t do anything. It was his friend’s job. He couldn’t interfere.
-We’ll go the other weak. Don’t worry! Ηe smiled and pinched lightly his friend’s cold cheek.

Nobody could deny that this red-haired man is very adorable. Especially when he doesn’t have the murderous glare in his businessman’s self.
HyukJae smiled at him a little and soon after he bid him goodbye and enter the loudly club.
Lee HyukJae likes, no LOVES, to go to the club because there is this loud music which makes his body move. He’s huge love is the dance. He dances since when he can remember himself and the truth is he is an incredible dancer. The way he lockes, b-boying his bodymany can be amazed and unbelievable jealous the same moment.

HyukJae’s POV
I don’t even have two minutes here and the sluts are nagging to me. So disturbing. Where the hell Yunho and the others are? Why I think there are more people today than the others days? After a while I managed, at lust, to reach the bar. Oh! Other sluts here are dancing. Ok! Not exactly dancing but striping. Some of them are starting to roam their hands at my chest . I don’t have time to play with them today. Not only a people died, not only I have this sorrow feeling, for some anyone reason I am not in the mood. I kept searching for my friends and thankfully spotted them somewhere in the center, I prayed the slut’s hands away and I started proceed to the center.

Donghae’s POV
I was dancing with an extremely pretty chick and I was getting ready not to sleep alone tonight if Changmin wasn’t waving at me frantically five minutes near the bar. I decided to come and check what he wanted and what I saw was 106 missed calls. I had left my cell phone with Chngmin and Kibum because they don’t want to dance or leave near the bar. Don’t ask me why. I know as much as you. I frowned when I saw they were all from HyukJae’s mother. Before even realize the situation, she suddenly call me again. I picked it up and I covered my left my ear with my hand to be more able to hear her. What time is it, anyway?

-Ms Lee! Is it something wrong? I almost screamed in my mobile phone for her to hear him.
-Hae-ah! Hyukjae’s mother could hear the loud music trough the phone. «Are you with Hyuk? I am outside from his apartment but he isn’t inside.
What? I looked my watch and I have a really important question.
-Are you sure Ms Lee? It’s half past four in the morning. Most probably he’s sleeping!
I spoke up the obvious.
-No. When he’s sleeping he has his cell phone closed. It’s open, but he doesn’t answer it.
He probably forgot it.
-Ms Lee! We were together half an hour ago. He said that he’ll go home to rest! So……..
-Hope nothing bad happened to him. Hae-ah please find him.
He didn’t listen to me at all.
Hysterical and worried mothers. Why my mum and his mom must categorized to them? Tell me! Why? My eyes landed on my previous candidate company for my bed tonight. She is already found my replacement. She will not sleep alone tonight but I can’t say the same for me. Or so I thought. Dammit! Gosh! I really start to curse like Kyuhyun .
-I’ll search for him! I couldn’t deny after all. Ms Lee is one scary person when it comes to her son.
I hang down the phone and my feets were guided me to the bathroom. I left Changmin and Kibum to fight without any disturb. From Kindgarden they fight like this, for no particular reason. After two days they make up again.
-Ok! How am I going to find him without any hint? I slapped cold water in my face. Oh! So refreshing!
I turn off the tap(βρύση) with a loud sign. I heard the door to open and close. I turn to leave towards the door but I couldn’t make any move. In front of me stand a red-haired creature, who eye me with a ‘’I don’t believe what I see’’ look. Well, I have the exact same look. I am sure of it.
-Hyuk……, ! I managed to say after a while that it seems like an eternity.

Hyukjae’s POV


There! He said my name! I heard right! Yes I listened correctly my name! I am not dreaming! I want this to be a dream. Why is he here of all the clubs in Seoul? For the sake of those who tell lies and trick we don’t live in a small city. Come on now! What did I do to deserve this? Unfortunately, when I heard my name the hard realization hit me!

“I am Doom”
Chapter 2