Siwon, Sungmin ---> dangerous, seductive gentlemen/vampires.
Henry ---> attractive yet aloof, student at a royal school.
Ryeowook ---> drum major, cute face, fierce attitude.
Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Donghae ---> kodona, handsome, mysterious, stoic.
Zhou Mi ---> unconventional, sexy ringmaster with intense glares.

Truthfully speaking, it was heavily raining.

The meteorologists of course informed for a bad weather in yesterday’s weather news and the people in Seoul could clearly see the threatening dark clouds in the sky,but nobody could imagine a rain like that at Monday morning. One of the most important consequences was at the street, where the cars were moving so slow as a turtle and most of the employers were late to their works.
Really, could this be the only reason for someone to be late a day like that?

Every day the same picture. In the evening everything gets quit. In the morning the streets starts to get crowed once again from people. Voices of children who are going to school some of them alone, some else with their friends or with their parents can be heard. But most of them are happy. The children who aren’t seem so happy maybe because they are anxious due to exams or championships where they have to do they're best. Of course there are and the very special situations of personal problems, family issues, and other various problems. However, not the majority. This age, is this age of the simple purity. No actual livings problems. No actual fights with serious consequences. Most of all there is not exist the true meaning of hate. They are innocent.
Voices of workers who are going to their jobs also can be heard. Well, the morning is the most lively moment through the whole day. The people relax at the evening and the morning they are full of energy. That’s how it goes. Not for everyone though. We can’t deny and the people who live or work at night.
The children are pure. They don’t know the living fights. On the other hand the adults are scary age. It’s the age where the people understand that they must fight if they want to survive in this world. And which is the most fearsome world? The business world. It’s a world very competitive and someday it comes the time when they realize that if they want to be in top they must not hold back to take down anyone who stand in their way. But not only that. There are people who hide in their heart hate, sorrow and other negative feelings. And certain someones who are the source of it are complete unaware. The most scary part of a human life is exactly the heart of the human. It’s difficult to know the other’s heart. You can trust him. What if that you see it’s not real?

A brown – eyed man startled inside his car when his mobile phone rang at the passenger's seat. He was abstracted while he was looking at the moving wipers in front of his eyes and thinking various ways about how he can go faster in his destination .He picked it up quickly but he didn’t have the time to speak because an angry voice cut him off.

-Donghae! Where the hell are you?A man’s aggressive voice echoed through the phone. The said man realized once again that it’s so useless to see the screen of his phone to recognize this man. Not be because of the cold voice (which is particularly unique), but because he is the only person which can curse like that to someone older than him.

-Kyu , I am stuck in the traffic! Why do you shout? It could be a lie if he tell that he isn't a little bothered from his rude dongsaeng’s attitude towards him but mostly because he is not his fault. The bad weather is at fault here.Or maybe not?

-As if you don’t know! The sponsors are ready to leave. They are disappointed from the one hour delay from a professional. We can’t lose them Donghae , they are our last hope to expand our profit in Europe…and if they leave from us now you know exactly where they will go , right? Yeah he knew exactly.How can you not be here at such an important day, dammit?

Donghae had to keep his mobile phone away from his ear in order to not be destroyed from the angry very loud voice. He understood that the other hang off because he could only hear the beeping sound coming from his cell phone. He really cursed his misfortune these seven last months. If he was right this must be the fourth time he is going to lose his sponsors. When they are arranging a meeting always something happens and he isn’t there in time.

4 hours later

A certain red-haired man took his hand from the button of his telephone closing the speaker when his secretary female voice finished talking. The man turned around his big chair with a cup of strawberry milk in right hand and now he is looking through the glassy window the dark sky. Fortunately the rain had slow down by that time.His great strawberry aroma was everywhere around the huge office. Then an evil smile appeared in his red plump lips after he took a slip from his strawberry milk.

-Do you smell it Siwon? The red-haired man spoke with a dark voice.’’ It’s the smell of victory…..”

And then a knob came from the door and some sponsors entered the spacious room.

In his own office after four hours in the street Donghae is signing various papers who found on his big desk when he arrived at the company. He arrived very frustrated about how the things going but if he didn’t do anything to keep his mind occupied,it was possible to be out of control. He doesn’t like that side of his character that much. It was very scary and only a few people had ever experienced it.People who really tested his limits.Call it naïve for someone at the company field where everyone try to sink or bankrupt the other no matter the cost but he want to get along with anyone , that’s why he shows his bright side of his character. A very childish thought especially for a businessman , but like everyone who grow up with their own values , ideals , and believes , so and Donghae has his own believes. Showing this side of him at his work of course rival companies believed that he is an easy target. But after they tried to step forward or begin conflicts with him they thought otherwise after.
It was the hard and wild “bang” of the door which been closed with unbelievable force that made him to stop signing and look the tall man who is walking towards him with loud steps and angry face. The tall man stopped in front of his desk and now he is looking him straight in the eyes.

-They left! He (the tall man) said calmly.

Donghae couldn’t say anything for a moment. He was startled from the calmly voice from the man in front of him and he’s trying to explain in his mind why the man in front of him didn’t curse or mocked him . This doesn’t fit his image, his aura and the angry face this moment.
-I can see that! Donghae said after a while.
-Do you mind telling me why you are late then?............
Donghae opened his mouth to answer immediately but Kyuhyun didn't give him the proper chance.
-………. and don’t give this this shit about the weather. He added dangerously.

Now this man is the real Cho Kyuhyun. The youngest man of the company with a strong personality, who’s not afraid at anyone and hasn’t any formality to anyone. However he is a genius and loyal guy. Specially to Donghae. The latter knew he couldn’t lie to Kuyhyun, so he decided to tell the truth without any quibbling.

-H…HyukJae!Donghae start with the name which is extremely unwanted. Kyuhyun listening the name is already interest about the next words of his boss. “That brat called early in the morning, around six, yes I walked up,exclaimed when he saw the disbelief in Kyuhyun’s eyes. Alright he isn’t an early sleeper. “Actually, he waked me up, because he wanted to go for Italian food for dinner tonight. He called me when he had finished his shower, he was still in the bathroom, and then suddenly I heard a scream and a ‘’bang’’.

-What happened? Asked kyuhyun when Donghae paused bringing to his mind the previous events.
-HyukJae slipped at the watery floor, and fell!
-Is he ok? May not have been their inability but have to ask for social relevance.

-After a while,Donghae continued his story« I was still on the phone, and I could hear him be in panic. He was yelling that he broke his leg or his arm, I don’t exactly remember, so I rushed at his house. Incidentally, I had a spare key for his house which he forgot three days ago, when we had been to the cinema. To make things short, I found him flat on the floor with a pained expression in his face».

-He was totally naked?The young man asked with pure curiosity.
-No….there was a towel wrapped around of his waist! What’s wrong with men seeing each other naked at first place?
-There’s nothing wrong! Just the certain body is too slim and beautiful for a man! Didn’t you said that when you introduced him to me five years ago?

-Yes, these are some of his negative parts. I don’t understand why a man has a slim waist and a flawless body which any girl can jealous.Donghae said with a disgusted face. Anyway, I placed him on the bed and checked if he broke something. Unfortunately he didn’t. I put bandage at his bruises, calm him down and at half past eight I managed to leave. But as we can see I didn’t make it in time……..

Kyuhyun put his hand at his chin when Donghae finished his explanation of his late arriving. He is trying to connect this indicent with some previous one. As he's increasingly thinking about it, he can't deny that they are completely unrelated with one person.

-I didn’t count a traffic because of weather. Everything was moving so slow, Donghae reason out as he is looking Kyuhyun with wondered eyes. ‘’What exactly are you thinking, Kyu?’’

Kyuhyun is looking him straight in the eyes trying to decide whether it would be good to tell his suspicions about the topic or to keep them for himself.

-I am thinking……., started hesitantly , ……..correct me if I am wrong, that any of your delays these past seven months, when you had important meetings like today , were because of that HyukJae…….

-Well, are you telling that……
-Maybe HyukJae doing it on purpose!

Donghae is looking Kyuhyun with really obviously examining eyes, because of the latter’s words, while repeating more than ten times his co-worker last sentence. After some seconds he came in realization that he keep thinking about the impossible.

-That’s impossible! That brat is so gullible, innocent…I am staying at this INNOCENT, naïve and most of all we’re suppose to be friends. He would never do something like this to me.

-Look, first of all, he is AND intelligent. This can prove it, all the dealings he had made and you‘re trying to bankrupt him, although you act as his best childhood friend, when in fact you hate him……

-I don’t hate him!Donghae interrupted him. ’’I just want to get rid of him, the sooner the better’’.

-See? Why he can’t be the same as you?

-Don’t put us at the same level! What else do you want me to tell you? That boring person is too innocent for his own good. Trust me, I can discern acting from reality.

Kyuhyun eyed him really carefully.He couldn’t exactly understand why he is so sure about that guy, which he hates so much. He is trying to sink his company years now, and he must be aware that nobody must neverunderestimate the enemy. It’s true he doesn’t know him like Donghae does, who spent 19 years with him as his best friend. He is also doesn’t know why he hates him that much, but he has understood his desire not see HyukJae ever again in his entire life.

-Don’t worry,Donghae decided to reassure his dongsaeng, ‘’with three more moves he will belong to the past. If I had made the deal, with the sponsors, I would only need one more.It’s okay I can wait a little longer to get rid of him…If it is forever!

-Anyway, we lost money….much money this time!

The clouds in the sky started to darken again. The bad weather has decided to make the citizen’s day difficult. Nobody could predict how it will continue.
At Lee Corporation, a man with black short hair,black glasses and modern style, enter the huge company. He is emits a very optimistic and star aura. They employees which cross his path greet him with very bright smiles. It is known to be a sweet and polite guy so the people are really wiling and glad to greet him when they meet him.
The elevator stopped at the top floor and the black-haired man pass the female secretary who bowed to him and he open the big door with force and a big smile on his face.

-Good Morning Hyukkie!!!Shout really happy.

The red-haired man named Hyukie aka HyukJae and the man beside his desk with really manly features, tall, and dark hair startled from the sudden interaction.
-Oh! Good morning to you too, Siwon. Greet and the man beside the desk, while he is proccedingto the couch at his right hand.
- ~ morning Minnie!!!!Said with a slight smile HyukJae, after the minimous frozen time because of the unexpected and sudden entrance.
-Good morning Hyung!said right after Siwon, handing a paper to HyukJae.

-Guess what guys!Sungmin grinned with his two hands around the couch. He didn’t waste time. He wanted to tell the goods news immediately. The goods news can’t wait after all.

-Something good happen Hyung?asked Siwon, as HyukJae keeps reading the papers with no interest about the news which Sungmin brings.

-From today on I am the new outfit designer of Super Junior!!!anounchedSungmin not minding his uninterested friend. Αn uninterested attitude that seems to have get used from his close ones!

-You got the job!Exclaimed Siwon with a ‘’I don’t believe you’’ tone. His surprise and happiness cause the documents which examined a little ago to scatter in the floor and the worst is his eyes didn’t had time to avoid the dark glare HyukJae is giving him.“Hyung you’re amazing’’!concluded with a hasty smile before bend down to collect the papers.

-Why so nice temper Hyukkie? Sungmin was stunned. Something wrong going here.

If it’s really HyukJae in front of him then he should bash super junior because he doesn’t like them at all, something that he doesn’t understand because he never listened to them and tried to watched them at variety shows. When he heard that name first time he was ready to kill everything around him. Moreover, his precious documents (as he call them) are on the floor and he didn’t get red from anger and he didn’t shout and kick them out of his office. «A glare. Just a glare»He kept repeating in his mind. The truth is his face doesn’t expose a hot temper and violent man with a bad mood most of the time. Fortunately this isn’t his only side.If someone get to know him better can find a really unexpected and nice side of him. And Sungmin is someone who manages to find this side of him and gain such a goodfriend.

HyukJae hearing Sungmin’s worry words took his eyes of Siwon and he looked at his elder friend with a so visible and evil smirk on his face.

-I defeated that idiot once again! Answer with a satisfied voice the red-haired man.

Sungming’s eyes turn serious immediately. Anybody could see that he is not a bit happy about this. He was afraid not because of his friend but because he could understand all the consequences. His good friend just couldn’t, because he is blind by hatred.

-What did you do this time? He asked blankly.

-I slipped in the bathroom!HyukJae answered as it was a very nature thing to do someone. Sungmin on the other hand widened his eyes in shock.”Not for real Minnie! I have no responsibility for him being an idiot. I am a good actor or he’s a BIG idiot! As far as I know my acting skills are awful, so we can clearly see that he’s an Idiot! I even put make up to make bruises and he didn’t discover it! Not my fault that he is a fool!’’

-Hyukie stop this now, please! He’s pleading was something similar to whisper. He knows that he can’t change the business man’s mind. He was trying years now. Hyukjae is too stubborn for him to handle. He was more worried than afraid about his friend’s well-being. He can be now a powerful and clever rich man, but anything can change anytime.


-Don’t be like this Minnie! I have reached a point when there is no turning back, just moving forward…

He couldn’t deny that, for the past four years he worked really hard to reach this point. He worked hard but he surpassed HIM with dirty tricks.

-What your parents will say if they learn about this? Your parents are best friends. They create the two biggest companies off all Asia together and you try to bankrupt your parent’s friend’s son! This is absurd!

-They’re not gonna find out! Hyukjae said.

Why so sure Hyukie? Sungmin asked in his mind.«Υou never explained the reason why you want to get rid of him either. I can Just watch you play dirty!»His eyes then fell on Siwon who read the documents he scattered a while ago on the floor. He couldn’t deceived him he could see the sadness in his eyes. He is another person who really cares for Hyukjae and Siwon see him hurt his soul every day four years now and can’t do anything about it really sadden him. He found a job because of Hyukjae and he is more grateful because he found a friend.

-Are you satisfied of yourself?Sungmin asked with concern.

Hyukjae looked him with so pained eyes, but it was only for a second. Anybody could swear that it was at their imagination. His gaze turned in seconds of that dark one.

-In this world there are winners and losers! When someone gains, someone else loses! When someone has favor, someone else gets pushed out! So if you don’t win this world means nothing. The righteous isn’t the one to win. The one to overcome the boundaries shall stand as the winner. So I don’t care about the dirty tricks as long as I can win! I am so close!Nothing can’t stop me now! It’s my win! I will never hear of that idiot NEVER again! Sungmin could see his anger so well. This anger years now.The anger which he couldn’t explain.Hyukjae never tell anything about this to anyone.

-This isn’t a reason to live….Sungmin started to protest but he knew his friend doesn’t want to oppose him.

-I just don’t care! If you have nothing else to say! Congratulations for your new job! You may leave now we have work to do!Hyukgae return reading the documents in front of him, without any hesitation.

Siwon looked him with apologetic eyes and he returned at his previous activity too.
-Well I suppose I am leaving now! Good Bye! Sungmin stood up from the couch.
-Take careHyung!Siwon said.

Sungmin proceed at the double door and before open it he said the words that he wanted to scream at his younger face.

-Be Careful Hyukie!

And he closed the door behind him.

Loud club music could sound from a very expensive Mercedes at the highway to Seoul. It was midnight but the man inside the car was so lively moving his body along the music and singing. Somebody when he’s drive must have his full attention at his driving specially at night because the dark is a bad friend for the people. What this man is doing is so reckless,isn’t it? An accident has very high chances to happen.
Even more when someone has planned your accident.

The singing man didn’t notice the land turtle which appear at his way at first. At the last minute he accidentally took a glimpse of the unmoving animal and knowing he couldn’t stop in time he turn the steering wheel right. For some reason there were pins at that place and the car’s tires burst .That caused the car to slide down the cliff and when it stopped to wrapped in flames. The land turtle accidentally came along ,because of the forceful wind which was caused by the fall of the car, and land in front of the car.

Ten minutes later two silhouettes appeared near the wrapping in flames car.

-It went well! A man said with white short hair.
-Yes! It’s done! He’s dead now for sure! The other man beside him said to the person with whom talking on the phone.
‘’Wonderful’’ the voice in the other line said! ‘’Now we have our chance! It’s time our company to stand at the top! It’s time to be really rich! Prepare for the big strike’’.
-Yes Boss!He hung up the phone.
-What we will do with that land turtle?! The white-haired man observed the animal which was trying to stand up.
-Just leave it! It will die soon!
A voice suddenly was heard and right after a car which stop. The two men left he place really fast without any worries. Why would they have?

They killed the only man who could prevent their plants.
Chapter 1