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Gaon Chart will be revealing the specific data numbers on album sales on February 9th at International Conference hall, Korea Press Club.

Gaon Chart will invite singers, important people in music field, media reporters and PDs to the event. Gaon Chart will have a presentation on last year's performance and their prospects in 2011.

In the presentation, Gaon Chart will reveal the ranking of last year album sales as well as the data numbers on album sales. This will be the first time since the Recording Industry Association stopped calculating offline album sale in 2008 that offline album sales will be revealed. This will also be the first time that the data numbers on online album sales will be revealed since the emergence of digital music market.

A rep from Korean Music Contents Industry Association said, "I think revealing the specific data numbers will show the fairness of the chart. It will also help to analyze the music market and will indicate the trend of the market. From now on, Gaon Chart will be revealing all data involving music charts."

Meanwhile, the presentation will also hold an awards ceremony. The ranking of Online and offline album sales for last year will be revealing and an award will be given to those who have the top selling album. The team who has the honor of receiving this award is Super Junior. They ranked number one on album sales.

Miss A, G.NA, Kang Seungyoon, Lee Seung Chul will also be receiving awards for their high online and offline album sales.

Source: Asiae
Translated By: Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

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I Will Love Leeteuk Until The End. He's My Angel Forever.

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“Korea’s Michael Jackson”, singer Park Namjung’s appraisal about his juniors has become a hot topic.

Recently making an appearance on Lee Taek-lim’s radio show on KBS Happy FM, Park Namjung told that “Amongst the local artists, the artist who is the best in dancing is Poppin’ Hyunjoon(, and) I’d like it if Super Junior remakes my own songs.”

It was a response to the question “Lately, who among the junior artists are the best in dancing?”. Park Namjung gave an appraisal about Poppin’ Hyunjoon, saying that “(His) dance is full of feeling and splendid”. Later on, towards the question “For your own songs, which hoobae would you like to remake them?”, he mentioned Super Junior and said that “We’ve been on stage together before, but they are really sincere and I think that they are able to lead our music industry”, revealing his strong affection (for Super Junior).


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woooo finally!
it one of popular artist who can recognize the great talent of suju!!
suju cna make music too you know ^^
thanks for sharing ^^

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Today, 09:08 PM

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wow!! im so proud of the boys.. he said they are really sincere and im sure of it!!
even though ive never met them and didnt even know them, we can see their sincerity through everything they show to us.. through music, performance, everything they do..
and i believe they are able to lead music industry! well i believe they ARE leading music industry at the moment :p

thanks for sharing :)

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Today, 10:28 PM

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wow.. this is like an honour for Suju when a legend singer choose them to make a remake of his songs..
I'm happy to see not only hobae but sunbae in music industry also respect them.
Everytime I watch foresight, I can see that all the sunbaes sais that suju is great and unique, no wonder they're the best...

Source: Sports World
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Shared by arenata @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Please take out with full and proper credits; do not edit.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board has officially invited Super Junior to host a travel show promoting Hong Kong. Other than tourists from mainland China, there has also been a tremendous increase in Korean and Indian tourists. The tourism board will be increasing their stake in promoting Hong Kong travel to these 3 countries.

Promotion funds will increase between 5%-23% compared to last year, including inviting celebrities. Currently (HKTB) will invite the 100th top most influential personnel Chetan Bhagat, to produce TV programs to attract Indian families & young travellers to visit Hong Kong. Korean Stars Super Junior will also be promoting Hong Kong in the program.

…HKTB’s Korean rep office officer Quan Rong Ji pointed out that, Korean stars have a huge influence on young travellers, thus have officially invited Super Junior to host Hong Kong travel shows in TV stations, while K version of “SuperStar” singing contest, contestants will also be participating in a travel show in Hong Kong.

Super Junior was introduced to finnish reader's in a magazine called JapanPop. The magazine mainly concentrate on japanese fandom but sometimes they write articles about korean and chinese music industry.
I tried my best to translate the article,(I apologize for the quality of the pictures, I don't have a scanner, they are taken by a digital camera), it was quite hard because some expressions or sayings that are in finnish language can't be found in english language. I hope you enjoy reading, Super Junior has slowly gaining popularity in here too~

external image SDC15289-1.jpg
external image SDC15284-1.jpg external image SDC15292-1.jpg external image SDC15287-1.jpg

Super Junior
World's biggest boy band – literally

Korean popculture has been expanding through Asia within several years already. The world is changing smaller through internet and social media and because of it, has the ”korean wave” a.k.a Hallyu been changing into more global. With Hallyu wave rides k-pop phenomenom Super Junior who celebrated their fifth anniversary last November.

In the year 2005, South-Korean entertainment giant SM Entertainment launched a new boy group into the country's k-pop industry. The new group contained 12 members and was huge in size. Like their japanese role-model Morning Musume, their purpose was to have different generations and graduate members from the group when new members would come and replace the old ones. Super Junior 05 was chosen as the first generation's name.
The group's members emphasized right at the start that they were not only talented in singing and dancing but acting and MCing as well. However, the industry's acceptance of the group was unenthusiastic because there were simply too many members to be remembered and their music was not well received amongst the critics.
Despite the critic, the group's debute album Super Junior 05 was published in the end of 2005 and members of the group began to make themselves known in tv variety shows. In the year 2006, SM Entertainment began preparations for the next Super Junior's generation debut but changed their decision at the last minute. No-one from the original group ”graduated”, instead they took 13th member to the group. At the same time they decided to give up the ”project” -status. Starting then the group is simply known as Super Junior. In May 2006 the thirteen membered SuJu published a single named U which became their first hit and was one of the most played songs in that year.
The group was meant to publish their next studio album in the end of the same year but they had to give up the original plans when Heechul got hurt in a car accident. The turn of the year 2006-07 brought Super Junior's first two sub-groups. First, the most talented members in singing formed a group called Super Junior-K.R.Y. which is named after the group's members Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung. This three membered group concentrated on ballad genre – emotional and acoustic style of k-pop. For the balance of K.R.Y, the second sub-group Super Junior-T was formed and to everyone's surprise, it concentrated on old fashioned genre called trot. The group's debut single, absurd Rokkugo, topped the charts soon after it was published and was the most selling single in 2007.

2007, the year of difficulties

In April 2007 Super Junior's activities got a dramatic interrupt when four members got into a car accident. Two members survived with only scratches while group's leader Leeteuk's face and back suffered injuries. But the most seriously hurt was the group's youngest member Kyuhyun who went into a coma because of serious internal injuries. For a week Super Junior and their fans had to hold breath on waiting news about Kyuhyun's condition. Against the doctors pessimistic evaluations, Kyuhyun finally woke up from the coma and started a slow process of healing.
While Leeteuk and Kyuhyun were still recovering in the hospital, the rest 11 members began to film their movie which is so far the only movie seen from them. The movie premiered in July 2007, it was a teen comedy which told hilariously the story of a high school boys who were ready to do anything in order to achieve celebrity status. Despite the critics being kind to this movie, the ticket incomes were still a disappointment. Finally in September, all 13 members made a comeback to the music industry with a long-waited second studio album Don't Don.
Don't Don introduced a new, darker and aggressive SuJu. Gone was the boy next door -look, smiles and happy dances. The album's dramatic rock title song introduced postapocalyptic world which the MV and the visual look only highlights. Neither Don't Don nor the album's second conservative single Marry U weren't able to repeat a success like U. Despite this SuJu was one of the most biggest winners in the year end music galas.
In the end of the year 2007, SuJu's producer SM Entertainment revealed it's plans to form a third sub-group, this time the sub-group would concentrate on China's music industry. The situation between SM Entertainment and fans was tense after SM Entertainment revealed that they would add two chinese persons into the group. Regardless fans aggressive campaigns the company kept their head and in spring 2008 Super Junior-M (M meaning mandarin) was launched to chinese market with much success. In the meantime in Korea the fourth SuJu's sub-group Super Junior-H (H like Happy) published their own single of light and happy k-pop. In the end of the year SuJu-T promoted their Rokkugo single in Japan.

Sorry Sorry explodes the bank

In spring 2009 Super Junior gathered in Korea to publish their third studio album Sorry Sorry. Again with the new album Super Junior introduced a new image of themselves to the audience. Album's title song Sorry Sorry is electronic music influenced with funk style. The single and it's black and white stylish MV proved to be a huge jackpot. In the music video we saw Nick Bass's coreoghraphy who has been working with Justin Timberlake. Besides in Korea, the coreography became a phenomenom in all around Asia. The song Sorry Sorry and the album proved to be the group's final breakout not only in Korea and China but in Southeast Asia too.
The extreme success was followed by extreme pressures. Working in actors already before joining the group, Heechul and Kibum felt that their original dreams were left behind the group's mega success. Because of other schedules their involvement in SuJu's third album was minimal. Kibum's last participations in SuJu's activities were mainly a couple cameos in SuJu's Sorry Sorry album's MV's. The third album was also supposed to be Heechul's last album but he changed his decision and did his best to participate in the album's promotions.
In the fall 2009, member of the group Kangin got into a trouble with the police twice in the same month. First because of a bar fight and later because of drunk driving. SM Entertainment immediately froze his activities with SuJu but the worst was just ahead. In December the group's chinese member Hangeng demanded his contract to be terminated and he returned to his home country – a surprise and shock to his fans as his group's members. After leaving, Hangeng has talked about SM Entertainment's strict rules and contract terms which were the cause of his physical and mental health to drop down. Afterwards Hangeng has made a successful solo debut in China.

Super Junior's comeback

The year 2010 started with a hesitant atmosphere. With Hangeng gone, Super Junior-M's activities were frozen in China and Kangin who had heard his sentence in spring decided to leave to the army. In May the 10 membered Super Junior published their fourth studio album Bonamana. It continued the same style as Sorry Sorry but the group aimed to be more charming and sexy. In August SuJu started their third Super Show tour which extended all around Asia.
In the end of the year the member's concentrated mainly on solo projects. Super Junior K.R.Y. was the only sub-group which continued it's activities helding concerts in Taiwan and Japan. Over half of Super Junior's members concentrated on either acting in dramas or in musicals while others concentrated more on variety shows and MCing. Besides this the members either alone or with other artists published about dozen songs outside Super Junior group.
The year 2010 marked the group's popularity expanding imperceptibly to outside Asia. Youtube's official viewer numbers can be counted in tens of millions and the MV's have been extremily popular especially in North-America, Peru and even in Saudi-Arabia. South-Korea has only recently been warming up to twitter but in that too Super Junior's members are being forerunners after it proved itself to be an excellent communication tool between foreign fans and the members.
In December 2010 South-Korean court gave their decision about Hangeng's and SM Entertainment's case accepting Hangeng's petition and terminating the contract between these two. Super Junior has recently announced preparing Super Junior-M's comeback to China's music industry. Besides China, SM Entertainment's japanese part has announced that Super Junior is going to make their official debut into japanese music industry this year. Also, the group's fifth studio album is in process and they are planning their fourth Super Show.
The biggest challenge in this year will be the mandatory military service. Like November's conflict pointed out, the country is still in a war with it's north neighbour. Every male citizen in South-Korea has to fulfill two year military service and they make no exceptions even if they are idols. Among SuJu's ten members, leader Leeteuk has already announced that he will start his service in this year. The group's members leaving the spotlight one after another for two years will surely test SuJu's stardom and fans loyalty.

Super Junior's ten active members

Super Junior's oldest member and the group's justified leader. Works as the group's speaker and conflict negotiator as well as practically holds part of responsibility from the member's public incidents. Has a role being a pop-idol, group's promoter and group's ”mother”. Besides SuJu's activities he works in tv-shows and is a radio host.

The group's eccentric. Narcissistic nature combined with hot temperament as well as his tendency to kiss other males on stage caused condemning headlines especially in his debut times. Works as an actor and also as tv-and radio host. Heechul's ninth rank in world's twitter trends in the year 2010 in category ”Persons” tells about his international popularity. He was the only asian that made into the list.

He's praised to be the most talented in singing amongst the members but is also the group's nutcase. A set of weird habits with strange sense of humour combined with constant need to have attention leads constantly to situations where the audience either struggle with awkwardness or laugh their head off when Yesung is speaking – mostly both at the same time. Maybe it's describing that in fall 2010 Yesung got a role in Monthy Python's Spamalot -musical's korean version.

Multi-talented Sungmin is bringing out SuJu's versatile entertainer side. Besides strong singing and dancing talents, he has been host in many tv- and radio shows and has also acted in musicals and dramas. At the same time Sungmin carries out the negative sides – he don't appear as strong outside SuJu as some other members do.

Clearly overweight and lacking talent in singing, he is speciality among idols. Is SuJu's one of the main dancers and in tv his speciality is comedy. What tells also about his special idol role is that he's the first idol ever to officially announce his relationship. Pop-idols relationships are still a tabu in korean idol culture.

SuJu's main dancer and -rapper. Together with Shingdong he works as the group's choreographer in concert tours. For many years he has been Leeteuk's co-host in tv and radio but at the year 2010 he has been trying to launch his own career in tv's entertainment.

Babyface Donghae has always been girls favorite. When he made a contract with SM Entertainment, he was only 15 years old when he left his hometown in order to achieve pop-idol status. Five years later when he debuted as a part of SuJu, the debut was bittersweet because his father who had always strongly cheered for his son, died in cancer before Donghae got to bring his first pay to home. Besides SuJu's activities, Donghae has appeared in various CF's and recently made his drama debut.

Tall and handsome Siwon is the group's main character: comes from a rich family, is extremely well mannered and polite and is also a devoted christian. Besides modeling he is best known as an actor. He's the member from SuJu who usually sings the first part of the song – phenomenom which isn't just a coincidence. In December's CNN interview he revieled that he dreams to be a missionary.

Forever looking like a little boy, shy Ryeowook don't usually catch so much attention as other members does. He's the musical foundation of SuJu: he sings a lot of parts in SuJu's songs either being solo or in the the background and always in the correct note. He's the member from SuJu who has had the most training in classical music. He dreams to be singer-producer.

He was added lastly to the group and the year 2007's car accident he was the mostly hurt. He was not able to participate full-time in the activities until SuJu's third studio album. With the fourth album, his popularity rised. Many solo songs and SM Entertainment's own project group SM The Ballad has only highlighted his popularity as one of the most talented singers in the whole k-pop industry.

Original text by Sonia Junttila@JapanPop
Translation by Kio@SJ-World.net

external image japanpop20110209-01.jpgexternal image japanpop20110209-02.jpgexternal image japanpop20110209-03.jpg

Super Junior is receiving attention worldwide.

Super Junior appeared in a publication of a specialty magazine recently in Iran. In this first issue of the magazine, it contains a personal interview with all of the Super Junior members and their individual profiles, which is explained briefly in Persian, and also has a variety of individual and group photos included. This magazine also has plans to do special editions covering other popular Korean idol groups apart from Super Junior in the future.

Super Junior has already attracted an amazing amount of popularity in other Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and others. In particular, they have occupied the first place on the Korean/Japanese charts of various music sites in Chinese-speaking countries for more than 30 weeks, and also having sell-out concerts as cases in point. They have also drawn hundreds of fans and reporters to the scene after passing through the immigration. However, recently they have extended beyond Asia, gaining popularity in Slovenia, Argentina and various other locations worldwide. In the year 2010, Argentina’s*Listas put up the top 30 rankings of “The Sexiest Men in the World”, (whereby) all of the members’ names appeared (on the list), (and) a Slovenian newspaper also reported about their agency and album sales. The amount of interest they are gaining could be clearly seen. The attention-catching point is that Super Junior has never been to these countries before.

An official from their agency SM Entertainment said that “Somehow, through Youtube and various other video sites, it seems that those who have seen their appearances are giving lots of attention to them. Recently there’s a gradual spread (of information) on the Internet, so in various countries overseas they are able to view the videos closely at real time. That’s why those who have seen their appearances during their activities are showing how much they like them.”

Super Junior is scheduled to meet their Japanese fans on the 25th and 26th (of January) through the “SMTown Live in Tokyo” which would be held at the National Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo, Japan for two days.

external image 20101227000662r.jpg

The best-selling album of the year belongs to Super Junior's 4th Jib.

According to the hanteo chart’s compiled data on the 26th (,) it was shown that Super Junior's 4th album <Bonamana> obtained a total sales record of 132,127 albums, (thus) crowned yet again, following the year before, as the king of albums.

Representatives of SM Entertainment agency stated on the 27th, "Although there is an aggregate difference in the hanteo chart's and our statistics, (however Super Junior is) indeed holding the first position.", "Our statistics recorded a total sales of 200,000 albums." The 2nd position in the hanteo chart is represented by the Girls' Generation <Oh!>, with a total record of 123,668 albums. Following in the 3rd position is their 3rd mini album <Hoot> (94,942 albums), 4th position SHINee's 2nd album <Lucifer> (58,628 albums), 5th position BoA's 6th album <Hurricane Venus> (57,273 albums). The first 5 positions are all represented by albums of artists in the SM entertainment, attracting attention.

Source: sports.khan.co.k
Shared by: in00022 @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Chinese translation: Natali @ MyKRY.com
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Kim Heechul turned “special reporter”, Choi Siwon says “Kim Gura spent a lot of energy on Heechul”

external image 21eztwz.jpg

Kim Heechul could not attend the recording of MBC’s “Golden Fishery – Radio Star” which was broadcasted on the 2nd due to an overseas performance. Hence, the singer from SM interviewed his labelmates at the Japanese concert venue.

On the day of the program, the interview by Kim Heechul took place during the opening. BoA, who was the first one interviewed, replied that “The MCs from Radio Star have poisonous tongues, which is really funny”, and that “It is a place where entertainers are afraid to appear on.”

Also, Choi Siwon replied “Kim Gura is my senior in university”, “Recently, Kim Gura senior has spent a lot of energy on Kim Heechul.” This caused Heechul to become flustered and anxious. Max Changmin thought that “Radio Star” was the movie “Radio Star” and wittily added “Ahn Sungkee and Park Joong Hoon senior (actors in the movie) has good acting skills which left a deep impression on everyone”, causing everyone to burst into laughter.

Source: My Daily
Korean to Chinese translation: 小弘03@始源家族 (siwonfamily.com)
Chinese to English translation: ≈ tiηg♡ @ sj-world.net
Shared by arenata@sj-world.net

Kim Heechul appreciating a live performance of Secret, “Pose of a producer”

external image kckos8.jpg

Super Junior member Kim Heechul captured attention with his alluring gaze while watching Secret perform.

Secret who recently performed at SBS FM “Kim Heechul’s Youngstreet” shared a live stage with DJ Kim Heechul and answered questions wittily.

After the broadcast, their photos were released on the announcement board for “Youngstreet”. Kim Heechul could be seen gazing towards Secret, while they performed. His sincere attitude showed that he was appreciating their performance. On another released photograph, Kim Heechul looked like he was the producer for idols with his attention-grabbing pose.

Netizens commented “Kim Heechul is playing a producer this time.”, “Which group will you debut next?” “That pose is not like a producer, it’s like a president!”

Source: TV Daily
Korean to Chinese translation: 桃果饮@ 音悦台SUJU饭团 (yinyuetai.com)
Chinese to English translation: ≈ tiηg♡ @ sj-world.net
Shared by arenata@sj-world.net, eternalsnow@sj-world.net

High Cut Magazine: Super Junior “We are one”

We are one.

Generally, in a group, the member who makes an appearance in a CF or drama receives the profit earned from the appearance. But Super Junior and 2PM are the exceptions. [Omitted] Super Junior agreed with each other that regardless of who earns more, it is only right for the members to receive the same salary, because they are a team. Thus, in Super Junior, the member who earns the most from individual activity pays for the members’ late night food. At the beginning of the debut, Leeteuk, Kim Heechul, and Kangin, became popular on variety programs which resulted in them earning more money than the other members. They tried to share their salaries with the other members. But, Yesung strongly resisted saying, “you hyungs suffered a lot to earn that money. How are we supposed to receive it?” But Kangin persuaded the other members by saying, “We are a team. If I did this to only better myself, why would I be in a team?” The members quarreled about the issue and then finally decided that the person who earns the most will pay for their late night food. When each member says what he wants to eat, the member who earns the most would pay for all of the food. Whether it is pizza or Pig’s trotters, the members can eat various foods. However, because it would cost too much to go out to eat, they only eat food that can be delivered. But recently, they’ve been using courier service for delivery.

Source: High Cut Magazine
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Former Super Junior member Hangeng talks about Super Junior M's win on the same awards ceremony. On the 10th of April, Hangeng was cornered by the press after winning three awards on Taiwan's first Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards.

Hangeng, who attended the ceremony, was awarded "Most Popular Newcomer", "Most Dedicated Song" and "Top 20 Golden Songs". Meanwhile, Super Junior also received "Best Selling Jpop/Kpop Album Of the Year" for their album "Bonamana," while the group's subunit, Super Junior M, was also awarded "Most Popular Group".

Meeting the press after his win, Hangeng was then asked if he would be congratulating the group for winning. With no hesitation, Hangeng answered "Of course we do congratulate each other. I saw them from the backstage clinching an award and I clapped for them! Yes, clapped for them."

The reporter further asked Hangeng if he would be visiting the Super Junior M members in Taiwan, as the group is reported to be staying for an extended period of time for their promotions, in which he answered that the members are probably still in Korea* and replied that he would visit them if he was given a chance.

Congratulations to Hangeng, Super Junior and Super Junior M!

[NEWS] f(x) Mentions Kyuhyun and Heechul in an Interview

2. Super Junior's Kyuhyun : He's Victoria's best friend. When Victoria first came to Korea from China, she decided to call everyone an unni or oppa. So she also called Kyuhyun an oppa. Later, when she found out that he's actually younger than her, she became awkward around him. Victoria said, "Kyuhyun approached me first and we became close when he joked I'm an oppa, an oppa. Now, we have become friends. He always gives me advice and is a funny friend."

3. Super Junior's Kim Heechul : Sulli's real older brother(?). They reveal everything to each other and are candid. Sulli said, "I don't know how it happened. We trust and take care of each other. But at the same time, we don't cross each other's line. When we are in front of other people, we praise each other. I think I have to do that for people that I like."


So that's why Victoria called Kyu an oppa in her thanks to :D That's so cute ^^

Donghae’s future marriage…

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  • ahahah they shoot Eunhyuk there… LOL eunhyuk is Donghae’s future wife :3
damn right he is.

[INFO] Kyuhyun bullies a professional gamer? April 27, 2011

[Translations] Kyungjong (pro gamer) said when he and Kyuhyun play Star Craft, Kyuhyun doesn’t like to follow his orders. So When Kyungjong tells Kyuhyun, “come here quickly” Kyuhyun says, “don’t order me around. I’m not going!” In the end, Kyungjong has to follow Kyuhyun’s orders.


[SHARING] 110430 Taiwan Apple Daily News Official Update (Eunhyuk) : April 30, 2011

Eunhyuk had big interest in dancing since young, but his classmates jerk at him that the way he dances is very weird. Eunhyuk’s mother was against his interest in dancing when his studies got worse when he was promoted to upper secondary. No matter what, Eunhyuk, who loves dancing, still formed a dance group and performed at the streets. He said : “Once, I found my mother hiding at a corner watching me dancing, then I realised how much she loves me.”
Credits : 苹果日报
Source : http://bit.ly/lUok2Q
Translated by : ALLRISEUNHAE
Reposted by: SuperShowSG and SGSJELFs

Super Junior isn’t just a group that sings well. Super Junior is a team consisted of members that have their own specialties making the group a very talented group. I hope that the group will stay together, and sing, do shows, in Korea as well as in Asia and the world and grow -Kim Taewoo

external image satu.jpg

Super Junior, who with 13 members are one of the world's biggest boy bands, are household names across Asia

Korean wave
Bands such as Kara and Super Junior have become household names in much of Asia. They belong to a new hip generation of South Korean artists that has launched the musical genre K-pop.
Coupled with the success of Korean TV shows and films, they are part of a wider cultural movement here that has become known as Korean wave.
The number of people who visited South Korea specifically to attend events such as album launches, concerts and awards ceremonies doubled to 34,000 in 2010.

Two cents' worth
Mr Youn says K-pop has proved such a hit in Asia because it offers something different, but is still familiar enough for audiences to relate to.
And the fact that K-pop's unique style is attracting foreign fans is something that benefits both the people who visit South Korea and the bands whose music they like.
In fact, according to music industry veteran Bernie Cho, K-pop stars do much better financially when they sell their music abroad, rather than just at home. His company, DFSB Kollective, markets and distributes a range of Korean music.
"If you bought a single on iTunes in the US, you're paying around $1," he says.
"In Korea, the price was originally 50 cents, it dropped to 12 cents, then it dropped to six cents. And the artists are getting 35% of that - they're making two cents a download."
According to Mr Cho, many of K-pop's top acts are selling 100,000 or 150,000 albums straight after release. It is an impressive number in any major market.
"Music is so heavily discounted in Korea that a lot of them are looking to go overseas, or are relying on their popularity to boost their income in other ways, like acting or advertising," he says.
That diversity of roles is helping to spread their appeal to other countries, as well as to other areas of the South Korean economy. Many tourists who come for the music also buy the clothes and cosmetic brands promoted by Korean stars.
According to South Korea's Trade and Investment Agency, income from cultural exports like pop music and TV shows has been rising by about 10% a year. In 2008, it was worth almost $2bn.
Source: BBC News

Some unrelated information are omitted.

I think Leeteuk also mentioned about this on his tweet earlier^^ Correct me if I'm wrong.
additional info: BBC also included the links to Kara's and Super Junior's official homepage; way to promote the boys

SME considers adding another concert date for “SM Town Live in Paris”

external image 2011042008331830714_1.jpg

On May 1st, 300+ French K-Pop fans held a flash mob event at the Pyramide de Louvres in Paris to attempt to convince SM Entertainment to add another concert date to their “SM Town Live in Paris” concert.
Korean media outlets like MBC and SBS covered the event, and it seems the efforts of the fans have paid off, as SM Entertainment has announced that they’re discussing plans of adding an extra concert date.
Representatives stated, “Not only French fans, but all K-Pop fans of Europe participated in the flash mob event. Because of the overwhelming support we’ve been receiving from our European fans, we will be checking our artists’ schedules and discuss adding another date to the concert.”
The first concert, which is currently scheduled for June 10th, sold out all 7,000 seats within 15 minutes of tickets going on sale.

Source: Chosun via Naver


  • Professional:
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  • Me:
  • external image tumblr_ljrgmukocI1qf3if8.gif
  • Like a boss.

  • external image tumblr_lj7zpilI3j1qgzdpj.gif
  • EH: Gratzie! (in a cute way)
  • And because Hae can’t resist Hyuk’s cuteness.. ^^
  • external image tumblr_lj7zof5FBn1qgzdpj.gif
Super Junior, amazing popularity overseas! Crowned as most popular K-pop star in Mexico
external image 20110506010005195000371.jpg

Super Junior has been voted as the most popular K-pop group.

The Spanish-language (television network) TV Azteca had recently conducted a survey to find out about the most popular Korean singers. In the poll, which saw participation from a total of 32851 people, Super Junior obtained 8517 votes to come in at first place with 25.67% of the total, while (artists such as) SHINee, So Nyeo Shi Dae, SS501, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, Beast, U-Kiss, FT Island, C.N. Blue, 2PM, Miss A, (and) BoA were behind (SJ in the poll).

At the moment, Super Junior is having activities through its Mandarin subunit Super Junior-M, and would be making their official debut in Japan through the release of their album “Bijin” on the 8th of June.

Source: Sports Chosun
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Shared by ♡ NadyaDyana♡ @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Please take out with FULL and proper credits.

T/N: In the original article, the title wrote that SJ was crowned as the most popular K-pop star in Spain; but in fact, TV Azteca is a television network in Mexico that is in the Spanish language, so I changed the title instead.

Super Junior ELF

[NEWS] Leeteuk Represents Korean Wave Idols in an Interview with ‘News Desk’, ‘Popularity Seems Real Now’:
Yfrog - photo  - Uploaded by sujuELFline
Yfrog - photo - Uploaded by sujuELFline

Leeteuk from the male group Super Junior represented Korean Wave Idols.
On the 4th (of May), MBC ‘News Desk’ has been shedding some light about the breakthrough success of the Korean wave in Europe and even until North America regions.
On that day, ‘News Desk’ showed how the French fans of Korean Idol singers who weren’t able to get tickets for the first *local concert grabbed the attention of many people with their demonstration.
One local fan conveyed her wishes, saying that “I was disappointed that there wasn’t enough time to buy the ticket. I hope there will be another show.”
This day, Super Junior’s Leeteuk, who was interviewed to represent Korean Wave Idol Singers, said that “North America is a country that you would usually associate with football, however, after seeing the video of people dancing to our choreography at UCC, I realised that ‘Ah, so we are becoming more popular.'
Source: TVDaily

Krn to Eng translation: 특ģeиeŗατioи© @ http://AngeLeeteuk.com

[NEWS] A Special Story told by Masters of Twitter (Donghae)

What’s your attraction to social network system (SNS)?
It’s the fact that I can share information that I learned through the internet with people all over the world. Also, I can express my personal thoughts or feelings freely. The fact that I can build relationship with various people is also appealing.

What’s the reason you are Tweeting?
Working as part of Super Junior, I visited many countries in the world. I thought that I wanted to become close to my fans. So I started Twitter. Thanks to Twitter, when I can’t be with my fans, I was able to tell them where I am, what I am doing, and what I’m thinking instantly.

What do you think is the reason that your Twitter account is popular?
I think it’s because Super Junior is loved by many people. I think they take interest in me because I’m one of the members of Super Junior. Also, I think it’s because they look at me favorably for trying to become close with fans.

Who is your best Twitter connection?
My best personal connection is with the member Choi Siwon from my team. Of course, other Super Junior members are important personal connections to me. But since I’m in Taiwan now filming a drama, I’ve been spending a lot of time with him lately. Whenever I become tired, Siwon is by my side encouraging me and I get a lot of help from him.

What do you want to say to fans who use Twitter?
Thank you fans for taking an interest in my Twitter account. I want to repay you for interest and love that you fans have given me. But I always feel sorry for not expressing it more often. I want to repay you your love by working hard. Please give me, Donghae, and Super Junior endless encouragement.

Source: Enews24
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

*Some parts of the article were omitted.

Overview of Super Junior and Super Show 3 May 8, 2011

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(2sao) Overcoming the ‘curse’ of 5 years and currently the biggest money-making machine* of SM Entertainment, Super Junior has affirmed their title as a top Korean boy band.
  • Super Junior (SuJu)
  • Years active: 2005–2010
  • Label: SM Entertainment
  • Sub-units: Super Junior-K.R.Y
  • Super Junior-T
  • Super Junior-M
  • Super Junior-Happy
  • Website: www.super-junior.co.kr Members: Leeteuk, Heechul, Hankyung, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum, Kyuhyun
From a ‘project’ group…
  • At the start Super Junior was a ‘project’ group, meaning a temporary band, the original members could be replaced by new members, so the group was therefore called “Super Junior 05”.
  • - 2005 – 2006: Twins, Miracle and U
  • Super Junior 05 first appearance was on 2005.11.06 in SBS Popular Song with their single named Twins (Knock Out). The group’s first album – Super Junior05 (Twins) was released (and) in exactly one month later has sold 28,536 copies, ranking 3rd in the album chart of December, 2005. In that same year, “Show Me Your Love”, collaborated with TVXQ/DBSK became the best-selling record of December, 2005 with 49,945 copies sold.
  • February 2006, Super Junior05 performed Miracle; this was the group’s first song to peak #1 in online music charts of South Korea as well as the music charts of Thailand, drawing interest from international markets.
  • 2005.05.23, the name Super Junior officially debuted, without the suffix “05” and with 13 members; the group released single “U”. Just within five hours of release, (U) had 400,000 downloads and ultimately exceeded 1.7 million downloads, crashing the server. Single “U” with 3 tracks had sold a total of over 81,000 copies and became one of Korea’s most popular songs of the year, ranking #1 for five consecutive weeks on two of Korea’s top music programs. By the end of the year Super Junior received over 7 awards in Korea’s top music award ceremony and won the title “Best New Group of 2006”.
  • - 2006-2007: Don’t Don and breakthrough success
  • 2007.09.20, the 2nd album Don’t Don was released, selling 160,000 copies, (and) became the 2nd best-selling album of the year. The album had also found success in Taiwan, broke the record, and was the Korean album with the highest ranking on G-Music Combo Billboard Chart, surpassing their famous sunbaes DBSK and Shinhwa. Thanks to Don’t Don, Super Junior was nominated for 7 awards in the KM Music Festival and won 3 out of those 7, including: “Netizen Choice Award”, “Mobile Popularity” and specially the big award “Best Artist of the Year” (Daesang). The group also won “Bonsang” and “TPL Anycall Popularity Award” at the Golden Disk Awards.
  • - 2008-2009: At the peak with Sorry, Sorry
  • The 3rd album Sorry, Sorry was released on 2009.03.12, after releasing the preview; in less than a week there were 150,000 pre-orders. Sorry, Sorry quickly ranked #1 on Hanteo Chart and sold 29,000 copies the first day, surpassing the idol Seo Taiji with 25,000 copies. Super Junior’s Sorry, Sorry performance on the program Popular Songs on March 15 helped the ratings increase 14%, highest in the recent years. This song had also came as a storm over the Asian countries, keeping the record of 37 consecutive weeks holding #1 in Taiwan and 8-week consecutively #1 on Thailand’s Channel [V] Countdown Asian chart.
  • - 2010: Bonamana
  • 2010.05.13, Super Junior’s 4th album Bonamana released with 10 members had broken their own record when there were 200,000 preorders ‘came flying’. “Bonamana” surpassed Sorry, Sorry with 42 weeks as #1 on Taiwan’s KKBOX Chart. 2010.05.17, the music video “Victory Korea” performed by Super Junior to cheer for the Korean soccer team at World Cup became the most favorite sports song, surpassing even Shakira’s “Waka Waka”, K’Nann “Wavin’ Flag” and Akon “Oh Akrica”.
  • To super idol
  • Not merely an idol band, Super Junior is worthy of the title “Super Idol” with their strong and diverse activities on many different areas. For example, Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk, Shin Dong actively participated in all kinds of entertainment shows, from radio shows at night to the comedic trio in Strong Heart, Star King, etc. They are even viewed as the next MC generation of Korea. Meanwhile Dong Hae, Si Won, Sung Min, Shin Dong, etc aren’t hesitating to venture into the seventh art form. Their roles had more or less left a mark on the small screen.
  • The ‘super idol’ aspect of Super Junior also refers to their intimate, genuine bonds of the 13 young men with their fans, something rare, that no other male and female group in Korea has quite achieved. An article in Philippines last February had analyzed the reason why Super Junior was so terribly appealing*. First, their ability to perform a wide spectrum of genres enables them to cater to a wide audience. An article once mentioned they can blend rock, rap and R&B. They also have some talent in sing the classics. This is not surprising when SuJu became the pioneer in splitting up into sub-units, each singing a different musical genre. Not only that, a band with four members singing is doable, a band with six members is a big feat. And with 13 members is disastrous! But Super Junior is able to cooperate together despite the large number of members, this is quite admiring.
  • Moreover, SuJu’s songs all have the ‘kilig’ element, making them appealing to young girls. Kilig: is a Filipino term which refers to a feeling of excitement when people are in-love or feel love*. To understand in simple terms, the boys’ songs give off different feelings, warm feelings. It’s like they are performing for you and you can see they put their hearts into it.
  • And the peak of Super Show
  • Super Show was first held on 2008.02.22 in Seoul. From then on, once every year, Super Show is held in many different countries in Asia, increasingly expanding into wider routes as well as quality. Super Show 3 kicked off on 14-15 August 2010 in Seoul, then to China, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the upcoming Bình Dương – Vietnam (May 7).
  • According to the organizer Viet Vision Company this Super Show 3 is going to be the program of the largest scale ever in Vietnam with almost all the stage, sound, light and technical equipment all brought from Korea and Malaysia, along with great ideas in the organization, the precise attention to every detail in the making of the stage and the artistic skills than ever of the Korean experts. Only a fan of Super Junior who regularly watches these boys in many entertainment shows will be able to see all the creative talents as well as the cute individual talents of Super Junior. Therefore the audience is not merely about to enjoy a great music show elaborately staged, new, unique but also relieve stress with dozens of funny moments, and performances with high interaction between artists and fans.
  • So in an overview, in the music sense, the audience can dance enthusiastically to the great dance songs like Sorry, Sorry, Bonamana, etc, immerse in the melodies of the ballads such as It has to be you, New endless love, One fine spring day, etc. As the audience of Super Show 3, you are also able to witness a SuJu super mischievous, super cute disguising as vegetables in Cooking cooking, a SuJu super charming and also super eccentric in cover songs Poker face, Single ladies. Adorning to that there definitely will be the hilarious display Teukigayo-style in Strong Heart of the trio Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk and Shin Dong.
  • And specially, Super Junior will present to Vietnamese and international audience many special acts the group had prepared solely for Super Show 3 in Vietnam.
  • Lee So Man – SM Entertainment president is a person who looks far ahead, if (he) hasn’t foreseen the feasibility of market he wouldn’t have so easily let the “precious chick”* hold the show. At Super Show 1, right from the first show in Korea, over 120,000 fans rushing to buy tickets had crashed the online ticket seller and within 18 minutes after, 13,000 tickets were sold out. This rapid “evaporation” had made SM Entertainment left with no choice but to hold 2 more shows to meet the fans’ demand. The impact is not only great in Korea but also in the later shows held at Thailand and China; all tickets were sold out at a fast rate.
  • With the success of Super Show 1, the group’s 2nd tour expanded into the whole Asia with 15 cities of 7 different countries. The tour with the purpose of promoting for their 3rd album “Sorry, Sorry” had attracted nearly 198,000 fans* and all tickets were sold out within 10 minutes. Close to 40 items were performed under the elaborately staged, as well as sophistication in every detail.
  • The year 2010, after ‘storming’ all over the charts with the 4th album “Bonamana”, the “hurricane” with the name Super Junior continued to affirm their position by consecutively setting records with the 3rd Asian Tour – Super Show 3 with 20 shows at 9 countries.
  • In Korea and Japan, tickets were sold out in less than 5 minutes. Specially, this was the first time Super Show was held in Japan but had attracted almost 36,000 fans for every show.Super Junior’s SS3 Concert had received many positive reactions, tickets sold out as fast as the speed of light. Many of the fans fought over, even queuing over night to get hold of a SS3 ticket. In Taiwan, according to a representative of an online ticket website, the ticket-selling rate of this website on average is about 2 minutes per fan. He also mentioned that with other Taiwanese artists like Jay Chou had also never been faced with this kind of situation. This shows the tremendous popularity of Super Junior.
  • Specially in Taiwan, Super Show 3 grossed over $2.8 million in profit, exceeding what the SM Town ’10 World Tour obtained in the U.S., becoming the first international artist in Taiwan to have the record of 3 shows’ tickets sold out. 6000 tickets were sold out in just a few seconds.
  • In addition, Super Junior’s “Super Show 3 3D” set a record with 11,940 viewers coming to watch only after 4 days. Before this, many other artists had also released a 3D version of their concert, but none has come close to the success Super Junior holds as of now.
  • - – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -
  • Notes:
  • * It sounds a bit negative but that is the literal translation, and Vietnamese news often speak like that so E.L.Fs don’t take it to heart.
  • * I looked through What’s New? and found the mentioned article, translated here.
  • * The exact words were a bit different but I know they were meant to be from one the girls’ interviewed in ^ above article so I ‘borrowed’ the translation from there.
  • * sounds weird I know but I can’t find any better term
  • * I think this means the total of fans that attend the entire tour, not just one show.Source: 2sao.vn
  • Translated by: Mai D (ngocmai207) @ SJ-WORLD.NET
  • Take out with full proper credits. No additional credits

Let’s go Lee Donghae-seeing~~!

  • external image tumblr_lll19s5BbC1qabfjw.gif
  • See him seductively move his neck towards Hyukjae.
  • external image tumblr_lll1b548EP1qabfjw.gif
  • See him chewing like a boss while checking out Hyukjae.
  • external image tumblr_lll1bzybuC1qabfjw.gif
  • See him getting hungrier and hungrier by the moment.
  • external image tumblr_lll1cn7bXg1qabfjw.gif
  • See him turn to Hyukjae at the speed of light the moment Hyuk kisses Jack the Bread.
  • Why Jack?
  • external image tumblr_lll1dr9s4N1qabfjw.gif
  • Hyuk named him so. And yes, he just had to lean so much closer to the fish.

Super Junior’s Ryeowook cast in his first musical role

external image 20110530_ryeowook_1.jpg
Super Junior’s Ryeowook has been cast for his first-ever musical!
The idol will soon be making his musical debut through ‘Temptation of Wolves‘, a drama dealing with teens in love and the struggles that come with it. It’s been described as a ‘jukebox musical’, in which popular idol songs and the original story come together for a unique theatrical experience.
Ryeowook will play the main character, ‘Jung Tae Sung’, who was portrayed by Kang Dong Won in the original movie.
SM Entertainment stated, “Ryeowook’s exceptional vocals have previously been recognized during various Super Junior activities and in numerous soundtracks. He’s also attracted attention for his talented acting in ‘Attack on the Pin-Up Boys’. He will show a different side to himself in the musical.”
‘Temptation of Wolves’ will start its run on July 12th in COEX’s Hyundai Arts Hall in Seoul.

Source: Newsen via Nate

super junior is truly the kings of Asia!!!! and beyond Asia
keep it up boys
ELF will always be by your side giving you full support
super junior the hallyu leader
It's on news?! WOW, Super JUnior DAEBAK!!! goldenfieldxxx

I'm happy that it's being reported on the news.....cos as an international fan i feel like SUJU is not well appreciated in Korea.....SUPER JUNIOR DAEBAK....

i'm crying of joy right now !! i love u elf for loving our super junior !!!!

Super Junior will conquer the world after this. Believe me.
AfifaMrsCho 2

The Best Gift Ever.... Super Junior & ELF Daebak Forever!!!!! ^^ Can't Wait Anymore For 5th Album Release!!! Thanks To For The Best Leader Group In The World, Teukie Guiding & Took Care Of Super Junior Members!!!

it was number one for a year!! holy crap! 0_o i'm so proud of you guys!!
starbursts132 1

Heechul serenades Rainbow’s Woori on “Strong Heart”

external image 20110607_woori_heechul_strongheart.jpg
Heechul had fans screaming when he serenaded Rainbow’s Woori recently.
The ’space superstar’ recently guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart“, and talked about his love problems for the topic, “Are you okay with a man like this?“.
Feeling fairly cheeky, he decided to sing Lee Seung Gi’s “Because You’re My Woman“, but changed the lyrics in the song to “Because Woori is my woman.
Heechul said, “Woori seems cute.. I won’t answer any more public questions.” Woori responded, “This was the first time he has been nice to me. He seems a little different because he’s like this.
external image 20110607_heechul_2.jpgHeechul's ideal - bangs that covers forehead, wears low-cut mini skirt
He also revealed that his ideal girl is someone with bangs. MC Kang Ho Dong then asked Woori, “Do you have the courage to cover your forehead“, to which she said, “Maybe just once“.
Check out the clips below!

< Solo Cut>

Source: Newsen via Nate

Tip: viZion_, V


    • because hyuk’s eyes went wide O_o
    • external image tumblr_lmnuld2dTT1qa2f59.gif
    • O_o
    • external image tumblr_lmnunq68ZL1qa2f59.gif
    • COULD IT BE….
    • external image tumblr_lmnv2qqug91qa2f59.png
    • THIS.
    • external image tumblr_lmnv35I0gc1qa2f59.png
    • …. hyuk’s reaction to it DSJKFLHDASLJFHLSK !!!!!!!
OMFG HAE!!! BB IS NOW PLEASED! U HAVE EXPLAINING TO DO FOR THIS FUCKERY!!! KYAA!!! (wants to write fanfics moment) bahaha host shipping haehyuk or smthing? shoving it right in hyuk’s face, not that i’m complainging XD bahahha OTL HAE IN 2ND GIF! WHHYYYYYY :’D THEY R SO MARRIED.

external image tumblr_lmnw7hx6cu1qa7tfso1_500.gif

let me die now :’D

Leeteuk thanks his international fans

external image 20110614_superjunior_shinee_1.jpg
Super Junior’s charismatic leader, Leeteuk, recently thanked his international fans via Twitter. He tweeted a series of messages dedicated to his fans on June 19th.
He thanked Asian E.L.F’s by tweeting, “A-sia all the Asian countries! And asia E.L.F. You all know that we always love and thank you, right? You all led and held onto us firmly..^^ Let’s stay together forever!!“. He also tweeted, “Indonesia’s guard team that has served the president before, thank you and thank you to Indonesian fans as well. Alssala malaykum ^^.
Leeteuk didn’t forget about his European fans and wrote, “EU.. Everyone from European countries!! And EU E.L.F. I saw your interviews as well. Your passionate cheers and love. My tears are falling without me knowing. I’ll work even harder!!! ㅠㅠThank you and I love you.”
Lastly, he dedicated his tweet to his Middle Eastern and South American fans, saying, “Arab and Middle Eastern E.L.F!! And South American E.L.F. Thank you and I love you.. ^^ I’ll pay back your big love. I’ll try to visit you even if anything happens. Thank you with all my heart..ㅠㅠ Ah I feel like crying..
Super Junior also filmed a special video to commemorate their concert in France. In the video, the members stand outside the Louvre and dance briefly to “Sorry Sorry” and SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong“. Yesung and Eunhyuk are unable to hide their excitement for the concert and shout out “Let’s have 1 more concert!” and “We’ll come back next week!“.
They also hilariously repeat “Bonjour” for their French fans. Leeteuk tweeted the video with the message, “We prepared a small present in thanks for the France concert ^^. We want to perform again!!!^^.

Source: Twitter

Promoting Korea to 6 Billion People with 10 Voices

Korean pop culture’s fever that started in the end of 1990s in Southeast Asia has now gone beyond Asia and is spreading in Europe. So many news media including newspaper and internet news articles are reporting about Hallyu announcing the enhanced status of Korea. We found out about proud men of Korea, Super Junior who was recently called a moving enterprise and is setting records at every moment.

external image 617311459409.jpg

Since before the debut, Super Junior received a lot of attention for having the most number of people in a group. With their perfect choreography, they captivated the public’s eye and they are garnering attention for their future moves. The word “celebrity” (yunyaein) using the Chinese characters演 display yun, 藝 talent yae, and人 person means a person who displays his or her talent. Just like how the word means, they are celebrities. The word “celebrity” includes singers and dancers and Super Junior satisfies all of those categories. Recently, their fourth album title track “Miinah” which was released last year set a new record when the song stayed at number one for 54 weeks on Taiwan’s biggest online music site KKBOX’s Korean Japanese music Top 100 weekly chart. They showed off their power by becoming the first artist ever in the history of Taiwan’s music chart to be number 1 for a year and setting a new record for staying on number one for the longest time. They broke their own record of being number one for a total of 36 weeks with their third album title track “Sorry Sorry.” They cannot have set an amazing record simply because of their music. What are their appeals?

external image 6173114604024.jpg

external image 6173114624135.jpg

Enchanting people’s hearing.
The group had various unit activities such as Super Junior M which targets Chinese speaking countries, Super Junior K.R.Y. which shows its diverse emotions through musical and drama OST, and Super Junior Happy who sings Super Junior’s unique, cheerful and fun music. They worked hard as singers continuing to try various types of music. They received some criticisms that they only sing hook songs that people can remember easily with its repetitive melody and simple lyrics. However, in an album that usually contains over 10 songs, there are only few hook songs. There are many high quality songs that definitively show their development. But because the response on hook songs is great, they rank high on online music charts and receive more press. Moreover, nowadays when things change fast and people get sick of things easily, the music industry’s main source of income has become mp3. Thus, the management companies are reluctant to release albums which will end up in financial loss and the companies end up using hook songs as title tracks to gain popularity easily. Although it’s the trend in the music industry that mp3s equal financial gain, Super Junior accomplished an achievement of being number seven on the world album chart with their fourth album Miinah. The album ranked higher than the albums from world pop stars such as Usher, Black Eyed Peas, and Ke$ha. Also, even though the group did not hold any promotional activity in Japan, their first single album became number two on the Oricon weekly chart, breaking the record in having the highest album sales for a debut single in Japan. England’s BBC praised highly of Super Junior who stands tall as the main characters of Hallyu K-pop dubbing them a Korean brand that will replace Samsung.

external image 6173114634631.jpg

Captivating people’s sight.
Nowadays, there is no clear distinction between singers and actors that one can see singers in movies, dramas, and on TV. In Super Junior, there is a member who stands next to actors with his looks and acting skills that are comparable to any other actor’s. Siwon debuted as an actor before becoming a singer in 2005 with Eighteen Twenty-nine. In 2007, he was chosen as the lead alongside Andy Lau in Battle of Wits. Recently, he played a new elite agent Kim Junho in Athena: The Goddess of War leaving short yet strong impression with viewers. People were able to confirm his potentials. There are also Kibum, Donghae, and Heechul who appeared on TV showing diverse characters. As a group who has great looks, the movie The Attack on the Pin-up boys was released with Super Junior as the lead. Also, Super Show 3D movie was exported mesmerizing audience with their performance and choreography.

external image 6173114614113.jpg

Satisfying five senses.
Super Junior who faithfully worked as celebrities to satisfy viewers’ demands. Their advancement in variety programs is amazing where they can show their skills as celebrities. Wherever they go, they make viewers happy by either become supporting actors, MCs or guests. Teuk Academy comprised of Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, and Shindong especially present laughter and are willing to look funny. Compared to other celebrities who only appear in commercials and sometimes come out on talk shows resisting looking funny, Super Junior approaches their fans with friendliness. Even though they are being underestimated on their achievements in music due to their talents as TV show personalities being emphasized, they are a group that the world market takes notices of and are being dubbed a moving brand and a moving medium sized enterprise. They try a new genre each time and give diverse spectacles that the public can look at. They want to communicate with their fans and try to make contact with the public on TV, stage and with their personal space such as SNS.

Super Junior is a Korean male idol group comprised of 13 members who are managed by SM Entertainment. Excluding Hangeng who is involved in a lawsuit, Kangin who is in the army, and Kim Kibum who is focusing on his acting, they are currently working as a 10 member group. They are enhancing the nation’s prestige and are promoting Korea in other countries, but their work is still fruitless. We look forward to them going beyond the idea of a group to becoming the national brand to return home in glory in the future.

external image 6173114661415.jpg

Source: ilyojournal
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

[110825/Eunhyuk] Eunhyuk-Tiffany to take on first musical challenge through "Fame

external image 20110825131426016787196.jpg

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and SNSD’s Tiffany will be challenging musicals for the first time.

The musical “Fame” would be meeting with the audience with a stage that is upgraded a step further in combination with Korea’s new production, and also the strongest casts.

The musical “Fame” is a musical that took the Western world by storm, having seen by 4,000,000 people from the year 1995 to the year 2006, has raked in 56,000,000 pounds in revenue, and as a musical best seller, has performed over 300 productions in 16 countries. It is a production that has received love from people around the world even until now.

With a performing arts school as its background, and through acting, dance, and musical performances from string and wind instruments, (the musical) dramatically paints the colorful episodes of the characters' lives.

The P.A. School of Performing Arts, which boasts the best reputation in singing, dancing, acting, production and other areas of the arts, have gathered several people under its wing through rigorous auditions. Amongst them, there are students who dream to be the best, in order to become the top 1%(of the academy), and Son Hoyoung, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, SNSD’s Tiffany, CSJH’s Lina, and TRAX’s Jungmo have been confirmed (for the musical).

Singer Son Hoyoung and actor Go Eunsung will be playing the role of “Nick Piazza”, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and actor Kim Daehyun will take on the role of “Tyrone Jackson” together, and SNSD’s Tiffany and actress Shin Euijung will be taking the role of “Carmen Diaz”. Also, the role of “Serena Katz” will be (played by) CSJH’s Lina and actress Choi Juri, while the role of “Schlomo Metzenbaum” will be assumed by TRAX’s Jungmo and Lee Ilgun.

The musical “Fame”, which is collaboratively produced by the country’s top concert production companies O.D. Musical Company, Show Play, and Eda Entertainment, will be holding their first ticketing on the coming 6th September at 10am, and would be performed at the Olympic Park Woori Art Hall from 25th November until 29th January next year.

Source: TV Report
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Please take out with FULL and NO ADDITIONAL credits.

Super Junior ‘Mr. Simple’: Successes and experiences that cannot be reproduced

AUG 25

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Hallyu wave is expanding throughout the world
If H.O.T and Shinhwa were the ones who started the spread of Hallyu Wave in Asia, then Super Junior is the one that has allowed this Hallyu Wave to expand beyond Asia into the international arena. Leaving aside contributions and influences given to the Hallyu Wave by singers and groups who choose to venture into the American and European music industry, instead focusing solely on the groups who chose to present their stage locally (in Korea and Asia) in order to improve their popularity by using their influences, Super Junior is no doubt the leader (in both these aspects).
After debuting for nearly 6 years, Super Junior has based their developments in Korea, although they have released Japanese and Chinese albums, they have not gone to the extent of targeting a specific overseas market, SJ-M, their sub-unit’s activities started only much later, Super Junior’s development in Korea faces very stiff competition, as the rate where idols debut and subsequently gets replaced is so rapid, they too face the risk of getting replaced by a new generation of idol singers, (and because of this) Super Junior is not considered the number one group in the hearts of the people in Korea, as the best group to them may well be one of the other groups. However this group of youngsters who have fought hard in their home country, they have come to experience extremely high popularity in Asia and in the world by means of their individual charms and talents.
Their previous Asia tour concerts have always sold out and this has proven to people Super Junior’s formidable popularity, they subsequently allowed SMTown concert to be held in Paris and they have attracted countless screams, all these allowed people to see Super Junior with a new perspective, creating a miracle. <<Mr. Simple>> is the last album before Leeteuk, Heechul and Yesung enlist in the army, and in addition to SJ’s popularity, the release of this album has attracted extensive attention. The press conference that was held in conjunction with the release of the album attracted more than 100 different news media with 170 reporters present for the interview, it is an unprecedented occurrence. As a reference figure, a press conference held for the release of an album by one of the first line singers would usually see about 10-15 news media attending. Apart from the reporters, fans from all over the world also came to the press conference location, with banners reading “The Return of the Superior”, and among these fans, there were also European fans who have travelled a considerable distance and this once again showed the influence that Super Junior has in the global stage. Super Junior’s press conference was also relayed live simultaneously through Faceboook, Youtube and other renown websites and this kind of scale (of promotion) is something that cannot be achieved by previous singers who were releasing their albums.
Despite everything said, a singer’s popularity requires the support of album sales, and in this aspect, Super Junior would never be lacking. Since the release of their new song, the album’s title song has swept first place in all the major Korean music sites, at the same time the online popularity of their song did not affect the physical album sales, new album <<Mr. Simple>> was released simultaneously in 11 different countries, and in order to fulfill fans’ enthusiastic response, all major Korean music stores have created a special section (in the store) equipped with individual checkout counters specially for the sales of Super Junior’s album. Since the release of the album, the albums are sold at an average of 10000 copies per day for the past week displaying explosive popularity and exceptional sales, and this kind of sales volume is something that certain singers won’t be able to achieve even over a period of one year.
Successes and experiences that cannot be reproduced
As the saying goes “Rome was not built in a day”, the accomplishments and popularity that is achieved by Super Junior is not something that can be obtained overnight, but instead, it is a result of their continuous strive and hard work, their successes and experience is something that cannot be duplicated / copied.
As a group who has debuted for nearly six years, (they are the) core of the entertainment industry, during this six years, Super Junior has established a very good network within the industry, to the extent where upon the release of their 5th album, various artists have come forward to show their support, and among these artists it includes SNSD, f(x), SHINee, DBSK which are members of the same company, there is also their close friends such as Defconn, Mighty Mouth, and on top of that there is actor Shin Eun Kyung, composer Joo Young Hoon, all these supports have come to prove Super Junior’s good relationship with others.
Family and fans’ support is one of the motivations for them to continue to go forward, and in the new albums’ “thanks to”, some members were very concise while some wrote lengthy paragraphs to express their deep gratitude towards those people that have given them strength, Leeteuk, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun and Shindong’s long and complete “thanks to” entries expressed their gratitude to everyone beginning from their company managements all the way down to ELF and everyone around them; Heechul who has the best connection (in the industry) summarised all his friends in one line; Donghae who is the most soft-hearted member, wrote a letter to his late dad; the kind hearted Sungmin used several different languages (in his thanks to) showing his consideration towards fans from all over the world, Siwon continued to portray his strong religious qualities while Yesung who has become more and more humorous used Miss & Mr. completing his thanks to in a single line, Eunhyuk on the other hand made himself the best “present” to repay all his fans*
What is more commendable is the fact that, to repay fans’ gratitude, Super Junior members are not only talking about it, just like how leader Leeteuk named their fans Ever Lasting Friends, they treat their fans with sincerity just like how they would treat their friends. They would communicate with their fans through twitter and other social networking sites, members and fans maintain a good level of communication, and during this time’s comeback, with regards to fans that waited and supported them under the blistering hot weather, the members paid out of their own pockets to purchase cold drinks for the fans, showing their care towards their fans, this considerate way of treating fans is not something that all artists can do, and this is also why there are more and more fans who would willingly support them.
The friendship between the members is equally precious, for a group who has so many members, yet able to cooperate in a coordinated and unanimous manner, the communication and understanding between members is a very crucial point, the heartwarming interactions between the members, and the determination not to separate despite differences in opinion, allowed people to see that this group will be able to make it far. Also, we were able to see that the active members have not forgotten Hangeng who has already left the group, Kangin who is currently serving in the army and Kibum who is temporarily absent, just as it was shown during the comeback stage, during the song <<Superman>> they sang: Super Junior are thirteen stars. “13” is a number that is everlasting for Super Junior, whether or not the members are by each other’s side.
Last weekend was Super Junior’s 5th full length album Mr. Simple’s first week on first place of the (music programme) charts, title song Mr. Simple has swept various main stream music charts with a whirlwind like manner. Super Junior not only returned to Mnet <<M!Countdown>> for the first time after a long absence, they were also crowned first place (during that programme), and in KBS’s <<Music Bank>> and MBC’s <<Music Core>>, Super Junior who has immense popularity also topped the charts taking home the trophy . Super Junior’s new era has arrived once again!
* he only wrote “go anchovies” so I’m not sure how this relates to that.

Music Core does not give out awards. Mr. Simple currently have won first place on MuBank and M!Countdown

SOURCE: ent.sina.com